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Hello! I’m writing this post as to where I had my birthday dinner a few nights ago. I had no idea where we’re going until Jan drove me here. Jan booked reservations for two at France Soir. A simple dinner is all I need because we’re already planning to celebrate with friends two days after.

We had a romantic dinner at France Soir. I was hypnotized by the French waiters who greeted us in French. I always have a ‘crazy-little-thing’ for French speaking people. You can also eat outside of the restaurant. Though I would recommend that if you want to do so, do it during the daylight, not night time. P.s The red flowers by the roadside scream French even more, J’Adore.

France Soir serves complimentary Ciabatta and raisin bread slices to start off our meal.
We got a window seat. Unfortunately it was turning dark, hence the blue hues. I wish the lighting could’ve been a little better. 
Calamar Grillé, Piments D'Espelette
Calamar Grillé, Piments D’Espelette
A whole squid that is grilled and marinated with piments (22AUD). Well at first I thought they would slice the meats in pieces and serve it as how restaurants normally would. I was wrong. Given the taste, I wouldn’t mind misrepresenting my calamari image. The piments dressing was an absolute stealer. 
Demi-caneton rôti, À L'orange
Demi-caneton rôti, À L’orange
The Half Roasted Duckling With Orange Sauce (38.50AUD) is France Soir’s signature dish and it was indeed the best duck confit I have ever eaten. The meat is so tender and it was able to absorb the orange sauce through the crispy skin. I would give them a hundred thumbs up if I have that many thumbs!
Côtelettes D'agneau À La Fleur De Thym
Côtelettes D’agneau À La Fleur De Thym
39AUD for four slices of Lamb cutlets with thyme sauce and green beans. You know how chewy lamb slices could be in certain restaurants? This one isn’t. The meat is perfectly tender and easy to bite and cut. The lamb taste is also pretty subtle, which is lovely.
Complimentary french fries on the house. Australians serve meals in huge portions. French restaurants are different because they’re known to serve small dishes in many courses. So thoughtful of the restaurant to serve us fries to make us feel fuller and more satisfied overall.
Merci Jan for the lovely meal and treat. Bon appétit! Ce repas est délicieux
France Soir’s decor is classic and sophisticated but still casual. This restaurant and bar is also known for their list of wines and champagnes. Its location at Toorak is also easily accessible. France Soir is a great option if you seek to enter a romantic atmosphere for dinner time.

France Soir
11-13 Toorak Road
South Yarra, Victoria 3141
Tel: +(61) 03 9866 8569
Mon to Sun: 12pm-12am

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