Paradise Dynasty 樂天皇朝

Paradise Dynasty 樂天皇朝 belongs to the ‘Paradise group’ serving pretty impeccable quality Chinese food at reasonable prices. I went over to this restaurant few days before I left Singapore and the following pictures are what we’ve ordered for three.

Signature Dynasty Xiao Long Bao
8 distinct flavours  of Paradise Dynasty’s famous colourful xiao long bao costs14.80SGD. I highly recommend this dish because its always fun to try out the different flavours. The fun part is finding out which is your favourite flavour as well as which ones you hate. It is preferred that you start eating the xiao long baos according to this sequence:
1.Original  (white)
2. Ginseng (Green)
3. Foie Gras (Brown)
4. Black Truffle (Black)
5. Cheesy (Yellow)
6. Crab Roe (Orange)
7. Garlic (Grey)
8. Szechuan (Pink)
By the way, I did not assemble the order, it was what was written on the menu. My favourite was the Cheesy flavoured, then Garlic.
Original Xiao Long Bao
If you don’t like fancy, stick to the original flavoured xiao long baos. I admit they are indeed better than several of the flavoured ones. I very much prefer dipping my xiao long baos with soy sauce than vinegar sauce. What about you?

Pan-Fried Shanghai Pork Bun
Quite ordinary bun with pork fillings. The meats were rather dry or maybe I am just unlucky. These tiny buns cost 4.50SGD for three pieces.
La Mian With Minced Meat And Mushroom Sauce
Maybe I’m missing Chinese food as I’m typing this. But surely, I remembered how good this plate of La Mian tasted. (8.50SGD) Good is an understatement, it’s supercalifragilisticaliloscious, I give four thumbs up (with my toes too)!

Vegetable Pork Wanton
I love how Paradise Dynasty make their noodles. I’m not quitesure, but I assume they make the noodles from scratch and that reduces the artificiality flavour. For those of you who’s planning to eat something subtly simple, try the Vegetable Pork Wanton.

Yang Zhou Fried Rice

One of the better version of Yang Zhou Fried Rice is served here at Paradise Dynasty, don’t give this a miss yeah? (10.80SGD)

Souffle Egg White Balls Stuffed With Red Bean And Banana

4.80SGD for three pieces of these lightly fried balls. The combination of red bean and banana was interesting and something I have never tried before. By interesting I mean its edible, good, but not yummy enough.
Look at their classy artsy decor. Paradise Dynasty 樂天皇朝 is the perfect place to eat with your family, especially with your gramps (if they are Chinese). Its typical for us Chinese to always bring our grandparents to eat Chinese food and nothing else. So here’s a post on one to make your job researching easier. The food quality is superb and the service was pretty good too. Price wise, its not over the top and personally I think it is rather affordable. I highly recommend this restaurant for you all Chinese food lovers. Cheers!

Paradise Dynasty
2 Orchard Turn
#04-12A ION Orchard
Singapore 238801
Tel: +(65) 6509 9118
Mon to Fri: 11am-10pm
Sat to Sun: 10am-10pm
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