Awfully Chocolate

Super Stacked Chocolate Cake
Awfully Chocolate is a Singapore based cafe started out not too long ago and focuses on selling one single dark chocolate cake. However, now they have also started having banana flavoured dark chocolate cake which I really love. You know how much I love bananas, its my favourite fruit of all time. Yes, please try that out. Not to forget, they also have Chocolate Rum & Cherry dark chocolate cake. Well, I haven’t got a chance to try that one yet though!
The Super Stacked Chocolate Cake costs 6.50SGD per 100 grams of sinful sugars. It has layers of chocolate fudge made with many different types of chocolate. Moist, sweet and bitterish it is. I am aware that they use mostly dark chocolate so you won’t feel disgusted after eating too much of their product. 

Chocolate Tart
Awfully Chocolate’s Chocolate Tart (6SGD) is really popular. Imagine egg tarts, but this time its made with chocolate. When heated, its like eating a baked chocolate tart with Nutella that flows like molten lava. Just imagine hot lava flowing out of a erupting volcano.
White Chocolate Butterscotch Block
This buttery goodness is made up of probably 95% sweet and salty butterscotch cream and 10% dark swiss roll. How fat is that? I betcha this is probably at least 600-1000 calories per block. This White Chocolate Butterscotch costs 6.50SGD per 100 grams.
I’m a sucker for cosy cafes. This Awfully Chocolate located at The Star Vista has its own cafe space while other Awfully chocolate outlets usually do not have dine in services. Plus point here at The Star Vista. Yay.
You may try out their cupcakes but I heard they were awful so I didn’t wanna try them. Again, do try out their banana chocolate cake. They only sell it in a whole. I loved it. Its also a great birthday cake option because you can request for them to decorate it with icing for you. Send a sweet message or just write a simple Happy Birthday to that someone special.
Awfully Chocolate
1 Vista Exchange Green
#02-18 The Star Vista
Tel: +(65) 6694 4805
Mon to Thu: 10am-10pm

Fri to Sat:
Sun: 10am-10pm
PH & Eve of PH: 10am-11pm

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