Ramen Monster

Monster Ramen
Ramen Monster’s Monster Ramen (21SGD) is proportionally for two. However, if you are up for a challenge, order this huge bowl of ramen and try to chug it down within 20 minutes. Your reward? Free voucher worth 21SGD for your next visit at Ramen Monster. If you succeed at eating the Monster Ramen on your own within 20 minutes, they’ll also take your picture, print it, and you’ll be on their wall for decoration purposes. I wasn’t a glutton on that day. Instead, I shared the Monster Ramen bowl with my favourite partner in crime (Jan).
Of course, Ramen Monster also have other ramen options in tinier bowls. The layout of the store is pretty cute and artsy with unique and odd ramen characters on their exterior walls. The ramen quality is not as good as many other ramen stalls. Talk about ramen restaurants, there’s little in Singapore that sells really authentic and absolutely delicious ramen. The ramen soup base and noodles are only average. Nonetheless, if you love challenge, do try the Monster Ramen.
Ramen Monster
238 Thomson Road
#01-53 Novena Velocity
Tel: +(65) 6536 4710
Mon to sun: 12pm-9.30pm
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