Newton Circus Hawker Centre

Before I left Singapore, I really wanted to eat at any of Singapore’s Hawker Centres. Newton Circus Hawker Centre is located 2 minutes walk away from Newton MRT Station. I was so excited to eat here for supper. Even though Newton Circus is the closest hawker centre from my building, it was years ago when I last visit this food galore.

Hokkien Prawn Mie
I think I ate a little too much of Hokkien Prawn Mie. The portion was generous and this was in medium size. (S:4SGD/M:6SGD/L:8SGD)

Sambal Stingray
Not quite sure what went wrong with the stingray this time round. The stingray was really dry from this store that I ordered. Well, the sambal chili saves it a little by giving it a little moisture. (S:12SGD/M:15SGD/L:20SGD)
B.B.Q Chicken Wings
Taste really yummy and barbecued well. No traces of blood within the meats while it was still as tender as it should be. The chicken wings plus a drumstick costs 1.30SGD each. Minimum order is three pieces.
We ordered 10 mutton sticks and 10 chicken sticks. Of course these satays can’t beat Indonesian’s version of satays. It tasted not bad so I’m not complaining. Each stick costs 0.60SGD and you need a minimum of 10 sticks to order.

Kang Kong
Infuriated because they gave us more stems than leaves and I love them Kang Kong leaves. Man… (S:6SGD/M:8SGD/L:10SGD)
These clams are a little rubbery but quite fresh. The gravy broth is thick, sour, salty and there’s an egg added too! Really satisfying. (S:12SGD/M:15SGD/L:20SGD)

Local food is a must to eat in Singapore. Singapore is a multi racial country and because of that, local dishes here has evolved and now has many variants. Best time to eat at hawker centres? Night time for supper… Oh yeah!

Newton Circus Food Centre
500 Clemenceau Avenue
Singapore 229495

Mon to Sun: 12pm-2am

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