Saveur’s Pasta, 4.90SGD
Talk about Saveur, its by far the cheapest French Restaurant in Singapore that I know off. Saveur is popular among teenagers and young working adults whos’ here for an after school lunch or during break-time in the office. Usually, the crowd will come in after 6pm (I’m talking about large crowds). The empty restaurant will be filled with customers within minutes after six. Oh, queues will start to form not long after too. My advice? Come before six to be guaranteed a seat.
French food comes in small portions but in many courses. For Saveur, you order ala carte. There’s no specific package that you should stick by with.
At only 4.90SGD, the Saveur’s Pasta is a popular starter and almost every table orders it whilst I was there. The signature pasta is coated with chili oil, tons of tiny shrimps (Sakura Ebi) with minced pork sauce and Japanese Konbu.
From the list of the menu, the Duck confit is probably the dish with the biggest portion. It’s also the yummiest, in my opinion. The skin is crispy but not too oily while the duck meat is really tender. The mashed potato is unquestionably creamy good. I love the mushrooms and orange segments as well. I recommend that you should order the Duck confit if you’re ever at Saveur.
Duck Salad, 4.90SGD
The greens were generously coated with lemon vignarette. Comes with sliced oranges, crispy duck, and a quail egg. The only flaw is that I could feel too much vinaigrette was coated among the greens cloying up my system.

Pork, 10.90SGD
Pretty good Pork Belly that is cooked just right. The green lentils were so good when mixed with the soft boiled egg.

Chicken, 9.90SGD
A roulade that is made of chicken thigh and foie gras. The risotto-like creamy basmatic rice is out of this world. Its really really good. The parmesan cheese sauce on top is also the perfect sauce for the roulade.
Potato Gratin, 2SGD
Creamy, buttery, smooth.
Pistachio Panna Cotta, 6.90SGD
I had the Pistachio Panna Cotta for dessert. I love Pistachio, its one of my favourite mousse/ice cream flavour other than tiramisu or something white chocolate. The nuts are crunchy and it complements the Panna Cotta well. Did you know that Panna Cotta originated from Italy and it simply refers to cooked cream.

14 Scotts Road
#01-07B Far East Plaza
Tel: +(65) 6736 1121
Mon to
Sat: 11.30am-10pm


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