Crispy Pork Roulade
Medz claims is a European Restaurant. My friends and I went to Medz my friends’ casual and simple birthday celebration. 
Honestly I didn’t get to try the Crispy Pork Roulade at all, but my friend said it was really good so I have to give it at least an eight.

Half Spring Chicken
The half spring chicken is pretty huge and chunky. Its pretty value for money, if you’re here you can go for it.
Rosti Potato With Parma Ham
I never quite liked Parma Ham because it taste funny and really raw. 

Rosti Potato With Salami
The rostis at Medz isn’t all that good and its quite dry. If you want a better value for money and a better tasting rosti, visit Marche instead. Marche ‘s rosti is way better and I love it simple, just with sour cream and lots of spring onions.

Salami Pizza
The Salami Pizza was rather horrible. The crust was too overdone.

Pasta Carbonara

The pasta cream was overly thick according to my friend and she couldn’t finish it because it was making her feel sick. Though I think I will be able to finish this medium sized plate all to myself, I tried it and agreed that it doesn’t taste all that appetizing.
Doner Pancake Kebab Chicken
The wrap was very crispy and overcooked. That’s not how a wrap should be ain’t they? The chicken was dry too.
Hot Plate Beef Mixed With Lamb
This is probably one of the many dishes which I’ll be giving my compliments to. The beef and lamb are minced well and cooked to perfection. Sizzling hot cheese were poured and it melted wonderfully.
Chocolate Lava Cake With Ice Cream
Dark Chocolate with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Its pretty good but the lava cake is nothing compared to cafes who specialise in serving desserts.
Medz’s food quality is rather mediocre in my opinion. The ambience is quite romantic as the restaurant is dimly lit. Medz is often compared to Marche as they serve pretty much similar kinds of food. However, I have to say that Marche is far way more superior in terms of food quality. I vote for Marche anytime over Medz. I don’t think I’ll come back here anytime soon (or at all).
181 Orchard Road
#B2-01 Orchard Central
+(65) 6238 9028
Mon to
Sun: 11am-11pm

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