Equinox (Lunch)

Cumin-Rubbed Tenderloin Of Beef

Cumin-Rubbed Tenderloin Of Beef

Let me share my experience with you at Equinox Restaurant. Jan and I went to Equinox for our 6th years anniversary in August 2012. I know this post on Equinox is really long overdue. However, I still feel like sharing all the food goodies. We went for the lunch buffet.
We each get to order a main while the rest of the food are served separately on the public buffet table. Jan ordered The Cumin-Rubbed Tenderloin Of Beef. This tenderloin was a hype for many. It was pretty good but not spectacular. We have definitely indulged on better ones.
Leg Of Duck Confit

Leg Of Duck Confit

For me, I ordered the Leg Of Duck Confit and it was a better call than the tenderloin beef. Underneath the duck leg is asparagus, lentils and some other beans. Lentils have texture very much like oats when cooked. The duck sauce was good too!
Buffet Spread 03 
Pumpkin cheese soup
Buffet Spread 02
Seafood tom yum soup
Buffet Spread 01

For starters, Jan and I love to go the cold section. We grabbed some anti pastis, sashimis, crabs, eggplants and clams.
Buffet Spread 06
For the seafood meats, though a selective of them were mediocre, the rest were fresh.
Buffet Spread 05 
There’s a spoon of foei gras in the foreground. Jan liked it, I hated it. Let me repeat, I hate livers, intestines or eating any of animals’ digestive systems/respiratory systems or any other systems that humans decide that those parts could be eaten. It’s a no, NO for me.
Buffet Spread 04
Just look at how colourful my plate is. I’m beginning to introduce more greens for my daily fibre intake. Love taking these ingredients and making my own canapes.
Buffet Spread 07
Love the cheese spreads with biscuits. They have tons of biscuit types and cheese types to choose from.
Buffet Spread 08 
Almost all of the plate at least carry several slices of sashimis. I know right.
Buffet Spread 09
Time for desserts! I love all of Equinox’s desserts I’m not kidding! The chocolate cake above can kill most of you but I’m a happy survivor and can’t stop eating that creamy goodness. It was as sweet as sin!
Buffet Spread 10
The elongated rectangular chocolate cake on the left has saturated or pressed sponge texture, creamy chocolate, and crisp crusts at the bottom. You have no idea how much I love crisp crusts on cakes.
Everything was amazing, especially the chocolate creamy mousse with chocolate bites.
Buffet Spread 11
Best crème brûlée I’ve ever eaten in my life goes to the ones served at Equinox. I prolly ate like 5000 calories worth of desserts that day. The desserts plates I took pictures of on top weren’t even Jan’s plates, it was all mine and all in my tummy. Holy!
Buffet Spread 12
Fruits to detox
Buffet Spread 13
Tiramisu ice cream with nuts and chocolate chips
Buffet Spread 14 
Cutest tiramisu ice cream with marshmallows and chocolate bites and mango sauce decorated by yours truly
Buffet Spread 15
And finally, English Breakfast tea to detox and chat our day away. Equinox was splendid, really.
Layout 01
The decor of the place. I love how classy and zen this place is.
Layout 02
Earthy right? Equinox is located at the 70th floor at Swissotel The Stamford.
Layout 03
Stainding at the Equinox entrance when my hair is still short and brown. Happy 6th Anniversary Jan :* We got the window seat overlooking at the stunning panorama of Singapore. If you’re a Raffles Card holder, good for you. I took advantage of the Raffles card and our bill was over 150SGD++ but we only paid half the amount. Too worth it!!!
Anyway, their brunch/lunch buffet was absolutely great. This place looks really beautiful especially at night. The service was really good too. The staffs were an efficient bunch. Equinox Restaurant is world class. Period.

2 Stamford Road
Level 70 Swissotel The Stamford
Singapore 178882
Tel: +(65) 6837 3322

Mon to Fri (Lunch): 12pm-2.30pm
                    (High Tea): 3.30pm-5pm
                       (Dinner): 6.30pm-10.30pm
Sat (Lunch): 12pm-2.30pm
        (High Tea): 3.30pm-5pm
            (Dinner): 6.30pm-10.30pm
Sun (Brunch): 11am-2.30pm
         (High Tea): 3.30pm-5pm
             (Dinner): 6.30pm-10.30pm

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