Pappardelle With Mushrooms And Parma Ham, 19.90SGD
I went to Arbite for dinner with the girlfriends the other day. Love hanging out, chilling and just having a good chat with them in the night.
Anyway, I ordered the Pappardelle With Mushrooms And Parma Ham. This pasta is one of their more popular dishes on the menu. Look how the pasta is so wide but thin? These types of pastas are called Pappardelle. You don’t usually see it in Singapore as it ain’t a popular pasta option. However, I really like it. Mushrooms, veggies with parma hams and lots of garlic are complementary ingredients to the dish. By the way, every single ingredient here is really tasty.
Look how they roll them parma hams? Pretty of a rose it turned out to become.
Arbite Breakfast, 15.90SGD
I really love restaurants that have an all day breakfast concept. The Arbite Breakfast is a big breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, baked beans bratwurst sausage, lettuce, potato bites, grilled tomato, buttered bread and butter. Everything I love in one plate, YUM!
Maybe its just me but I really appreciate being served with bratwurst sausages when it comes to big breakfast. I really dislike it when restaurants try to save cost by serving cheap chicken sausages instead.
You can choose sunny side up or scrambled for the eggs. Do you know the secret ingredient to make the perfect scrambled eggs? Its called ‘whipping cream’.
Smoked Salmon Smorgasbord, 13.90SGD
I’ve never tried salmon with cooked egg on a bread. (13.90SGD) This is a first. If you order this one, don’t eat them green beans, its very salty nasty. Trust me.
On a side note, what’s with the name Smoked Salmon Smorgasbord? How is this Smorgasbord?
Truffle Fries, 10SGD
Many people have reviews on how good Arbite’s Truffle Fries are. However, I was quite disappointed with the turnout. Maybe its because I have better Truffle Fries experience. Arbite’s Truffle Fries are not even listed on the menu, you have to request it from the waitors. The Truffle Fries here costs about 10SGD here.
My recommendation for Truffle Fries? Try PS. Cafe’s. Though its on the pricier side at 15SGD just for French Truffle Fries, however, the portion is also really huge. Comparing Arbite and PS Cafe, the latter is a more superior option. Furthermore, PS Cafe’s truffle fries also have parmesan cheese sprinkled on top of it. Plus points! To add on, PS Cafe’s Truffle Fries portion is probably eight times more than Arbite’s. I’m not even kidding. Just add on about 5SGD to enjoy the crispy fried goodness.
My overall experience at Arbite was a good one. The restaurant/cafe is quite cosy. It is usually crowded during the peak hours. Do make reservations if you intend to have brunch, lunch or dinner here. Arbite is a perfect place for a Sunday brunch.

66 Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555962
Tel: +(65) 6287 0430
Mon: Closed
Tue to Sun: 11.30am-10.30pm

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