Shabu Sai

This will be a review on another affordable Japanese buffet restaurant. Shabu Sai specialises in serving steamboat nabe. Each table is entitled to two different broth choices. The broths available for selection are ‘Seaweed Soup’, ‘Sukiyaki Soup’, ‘Spicy Soup’, ‘Curry Dashi Soup’, ‘Tomato Soup’ and ‘Tonkotsu Shouyu Soup’. For my table, I chose ‘Tonkotsu Shouyu Soup’ and the ‘Curry Dashi Soup’. The curry flavour was overpowering but addictive. If you prefer more of the natural meats/veges taste rather than the soup flavour, take the more subtle soup flavour like ‘Tonkotsu Shouyu’ or ‘Sukiyaki’.
After choosing your soup broths, order the meat from the waitors. The meats aren’t presented on the buffet table. This is to ensure freshness and make sure the meat is well preserved before being served. The meats they have for the steamboat are chicken, beef and pork. I’m pretty impressed by how thin sliced the chicken meats are. This is unlike any other shabu shabu restaurants. I still order more of the beef and pork though because I prefer my red meat!
Simple but hearty. After choosing your broths and meats, head over to the buffet table to choose your vegetables. The selection aren’t too many, but for the prices you pay, I get it why.
There’s also Cha Soba, Udon and Ramen.
I arrived pretty late, an hour before lunch hour closes and this totally explains the messy sushi trays.
Additional seasoning and spices for your soup broths as well as some dips like my favourite peanut sauce to dip my warm cooked meat.
Mixed balls, mussels and crabmeats.
The fish cake look-alike thing above is actually cheese tofu. After you cook them it oozes out warm cheese when you take a bite. I think I ate about eight of them that day, it was really yummy.
More veges!
Soba was pretty fresh and not rubbery. Thumbs up!
The only salmon sashimi they have is included within a rice bowl like what you see on top. They don’t have ala-carte salmon sashimi. Boo!
And these are some selection of sushis they have.
Minced meat put in a bamboo stick. Fancy!
What you see above is round one ready to be shared among three. Cheers to cheap and good nabe, shabu shabu all the way, head down to Shabu Sai today. That rhymes. Funny me… not.

Weekday Lunch: Adult 16.99SGD++, Child 9.99SGD++
Weekday Dinner: Adult 24.99SGD++, Child 9.99SGD++
Weekend Lunch: Adult 19.99SGD++, Child 9.99SGD++
Weekend Dinner: Adult 29.99SGD++, Child 9.99SGD++

Shabu Sai
181 Orchard Road
#08-09/10/11 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Tel: +(65) 6884 6760
Mon to Fri (Lunch Buffet): 11.30am-3pm
                   (Dinner Buffet): 6pm-10.30pm
Sat to Sun: 11.30am-10.30pm

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