Pempek Citra

Lontong Sayur, 11,000RP
Pempek Citra is a Batam restaurant with a list of cheap eats in their menu. Pempek Citra is located at the Nagoya Mall which sells strictly Indonesian food. Lontong Sayur is mostly served with coconut milk or peanut sauce based soup. Usually certain vegetables like long beans, carrots and cabbages are added during the soup making process. The soup is eaten with cut up rice cakes and prawn crackers on top. Yeah this is one of our traditional dish. For me, I prefer peanut sauce based lontong sayur than the coconut milk ones.
Gado – Gado, 14,000RP
I just LOVE gado gado. In Indo we have unhealthy salad and this is it. Its mashed up vegetables in peanut sauce. Spill some sweet sauce (preferably kecap manis ABC) and you’re good to go!
Nasi Kuning, 18,000RP
Nasi Kuning / Nasi Kunyit aka ‘Yellow Rice’ or ‘Tumeric Rice’, its served with a variety of side dishes like the ones above. The ones above include tempe, cucumber, ayam penyet, prawn crackers and lots of chili.
Do you realise that most Indonesians are thin but fat on the tummy? We eat too much carbs and that is why… Most people who are uneducated on health and fitness tend to have this kind of meal three times in one day. Yes Indonesians usually have a plate of rice with meat and veggies for breakfast too.
Nasi Goreng Pedas, 15,000RP
Spicy fried rice. Uh oh!
Pempek Campur, 34,000RP
I eat pempek alot growing up. Pempek are fishcakes that are made with fish and tapioca. They are served with vinegar sauce. Vinegar sauce sounds intimidating like I’ll never want to eat it. Untrue that! It’s really good on the pempeks. Pempek campur has different varieties from long shaped to ball shaped, skinned or egg filled. The Vinegar sauce can be mild in spiciness or very, very, very spicy. I used to cry eating them with the super spicy sauce but didn’t stop at all because they are just too damn good!
With hindsight, pempek from Palembang (a city in Indonesia) has the best ever pempeks. Pempeks from other cities can’t even compare to those made from Palembang.
Mie Celor, 14,000RP
Mie Celor is one of Indonesian’s variation of wet pasta. You may have guessed it. Yep! They used coconut milk for the broth again. Topped with boiled egg, shrimps, scallion and fried shallot, then its good to be eaten. Talk about fried shallot, I’m crazy about it and will eat it with anything fried or soupy. Love, love, love!
We’re pretty much an unhealthy country filled with good food and I love that fact.


Pempek Citra
Jl. Teuku Umar
No. 09-02, Nagoya Hill Food Street, Batam
Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia
Mon to
Sun: 10am-9pm
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