Henri’s Galley

Caldo Verde, 40MOP
When at Macau, eat Portuguese food! Its a must. Henri’s Galley is listed as one of the top restaurant choices in Macau.
Caldo Verde, also known as ‘green broth’, is a Portuguese popular, traditional and national soup. Its a vegetarian soup, unless you add meat in it. The common ingredients included are mashed potatoes, garlic, kale, carrots and olive oil.
Frango Africano, 150MOP
The African Chicken is a must try item on your list. At 150MOP, you get good African curry chicken made from some good old spices. We had rice with the curry, it was lovely. The curry was thick, creamy and the chicken was succulent. The curry reminds me a little of satay gravy, thick and tasty, but better.

Caril De Costeleta, 120MOP
I thought it was a bad idea to have two different types of curry on our table. Ordering something else would make much more sense. Caril De Costeleta (Curry Beef) taste level was so-so, but seriously the African Chicken is way more superior than Caril De Costeleta.

Complimentary Bread
You get free bread here. I ate them with my soup and curry.
Just right outside this Henri’s Galley is the ever so beautiful ‘Nam Van Lake’, facing the Macau Tower. Its a breathtaking view. We sat inside during the evening for dinner. I was ecstatic that we’re able to see the bright sky transition from orange to purple, blue and then dark blue. Okay, maybe its a different feel when you’re gazing at the sky overseas especially when the weather is cool. In my current home country, Singapore, the humidity and heat level will just put me off. I tend and would rather to spend most of my time indoors.

Back to the Henri’s Galley, seriously, try their African Chicken if you’re ever here. I heard they serve really good Spicy Prawns, Curry Fresh Crab and Banana Fritters too. 

Henri’s Galley
4 G-H Avenida Da Republica R/C
Macau Peninsula, Macau, China
Tel: (+853) 2855 6251
Mon to
Sun: 11am-11pm

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