Earle Swensen’s

Jumbo Beef Frank

Earle Swensen’s is one of Swensen’s upmarket branch. First of all, I want to comment on how strategically located Earle Swensen’s is. It has a spectacular view of the harbour and looking away across the bridge, you get to see Sentosa Island and a glimpse at the Universal Studios Singapore (USS). How pretty? If you come by at night, you might get to see fireworks too.
I’ve been here several times and these are what we ordered. First of all the Jumbo Beef Frank is some good hot dog. The saucier the hot dog, the better right? And please, they could’ve used more cheese and I’m totally sold.
Fried Chicken Delight
The fried Chicken Delight lacked seasoning I felt. This is nothing special if you don’t eat it with ketchup, chili sauce or some mayonnaise.
Cottage Pie
The Cottage Pie was cold when it arrived. Nothing wow to rave about. It was disappointing.

Fishermen Catch
I feel that the older I get the less fried things I crave for. Hmm… maybe is just a passing thing. I think if the platter was grilled with some sauce on top, it would’ve been better.

Earle’s Poultry Combo

Chicken with sausage. They don’t use super expensive sausage nor do they use the cheapo ones. It’s pretty good tho!

Buckaroo BBQ Chicken Burger
Three pieces of chicken patty with sauteed mushrooms grilled with Earle Swensen’s special BBQ sauce. I have to say that I didn’t taste any BBQ sauce. The chicken was just average too.
Refreshing bruschetta, I spammed the cheese. I just love cold salsa, it makes me feel healthy.

Banana Crumble

Hands down my favourite dish of all here at Earle Swensen’s. Served in a hot plate, the crumble was hot with saucy caramel that makes the banana oozing warm. Ice cream was definitely the best top up to the pan. Just yummy! Oh, have I ever mentioned that bananas are my favourite fruit?
Walnut Rocky Road
Instead of the crumble, Walnut Rocky Road uses brownie as the base and marshmallows on the side, chocolate ice cream as well as nuts on top. Its good too! But Banana Crumble is what I prefer.
The next few photos are plates taken from the salad bar. So here are some examples of what to expect from the salad bar.
Price wise, this place serves food within the range of 10SGD-35SGD per plate depending on what you order. You can also opt to take food from the salad bar if you pay an additional amount. If you wish to just eat from salad buffet bar itself, it’ll costs you 13.90SGD. Earle Swensen’s is a nice date venue. I enjoyed my time there.
Click here if you want to read on my thoughts on Swensen’s. Its a long review!

Earle Swensen’s
1 Harbourfront Walk
#02-117 Vivo City
Singapore 098585
Mon to Fri: 10.30am-10.30pm
Sat to Sun: 8am-10.30pm

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