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Arroz “Chau Chau” De Marisco, 138MOP
Hunting and trying out Portuguese food in Macau is necessary if you’re a food enthusiast like me. A Lorcha is a lovely Portuguese restaurant which interior and exterior exude a friendly and traditional environment. When I was here, I see many expatriates talking business while savouring their meal. It’s a nice place to have lunch with the colleagues (if you work in Macau), or to have a dinner date at night. You can also book ahead in time if you want to have a party and have the whole place to yourself.
A Lorcha’s Arroz “Chau Chau” De Marisco is Portuguese style mixed seafood rice. I’ve never eaten rice with so much soup before unless intended. I thought the seafood rice was alright, but it grew on me as I continue taking scoops out of it from the hot pot. The seafood ingredients was fresh and juicy, while the broth was rather thick and highly flavoured.

Amejioas “Bulhão Pato”, 98MOP
Just imagine the whole huge hot pot is filled with clams and my partner and I have to finish these alongside other foods that we ordered. Even for us, we thought the portions was much to be shared among two. I was positive that there were more than 50 clams in the hotpot. A Lorcha you’re too generous, but I like it that way.
The clams are mixed with garlic, olive oil and coriander. Never liked coriander but this one I had bits and pieces of it which taste wasn’t as strong as if it were to be uncooked.
Galinha À Africana, 138MOP
A Lorcha’s Grilled African Chicken with fries wasn’t as good as the ones at Henri’s Galley. Even though I thought A Lorcha’s version was quite good, it was nothing compared to Henri’s Galley. Trust me.

Complimentary Bread
As usual, free bread for everyone.
Serradura, 45MOP
Serradura or more commonly known as ‘Macau’s Sawdust Pudding’, is made out of milk and cream pudding, and topped with crumbled biscuits. The texture of the pudding is like eating puffy clouds, even softer than cotton candy. It’s like nothing I’ve ever eaten before. So delicate, airy, creamy, sweet and sinful.
The exterior of the place reminds me of the era of the pirates where sailors would make pit stops to random islands as such and have their meals here with their comrades. Really loving A Lorcha.

A Lorcha
289A Rua Do Almirante Sergio
Macau Peninsula, Macau, China
Tel: +853 2831 3193

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