Spring Deer

Barbecued Peking Duck

Barbecued Peking Duck
Spring Deer is one of the better Zi Char places in Hong Kong. Everyday, the restaurant will attain full house, packed with customers. All the dishes that we ordered are in large portions. No you don’t get the whole duck. We paid 300HKD for two plates of duck slices to share for eight. It’s pretty cool that we get to see the waiter push a cart and slicing the duck in front of our table.
Traditional Peking Duck at China restaurants is definitely yummier than those in other Asian countries. The reason being is that their skin is crispier and oilier in texture. Don’t get turned off with the word oil, this BBQ Peking Duck is far more superior than many other ones served at any other nearby local restaurants!!!! Trust me.
Prawns In Rice Wine Sauce
Prawns In Rice Wine Sauce, M:240HKD/L:360HKD
You can barely taste any wine sauce. The shrimp was juicy and cooked well. I really love places where they peel off shrimp shells for you. Kudos to all these thoughtful restaurants!
Braised Vegetables (Four Treasure)
Braised Vegetables (Four Treasure), S:60HKD/M:90HKD/L:120HKD

Four different vegetables listed as treasures include cabbages, broccolis, baby corns and cremini mushrooms.
Fried Whole Fish In Sweet & Sour Sauce Without Bone
Fried Whole Fish In Sweet & Sour Sauce Without Bone, 280HKD
This is my second favourite dish after the Peking Duck. The Fried Whole Fish In Sweet & Sour Sauce is one of those dishes where I must order every time I visit a zi char restaurant simply because I love the sweet and sour combination. The crispy skin with the tender fish meat is also va va voom! Squirrel fishes are the best sacrifice when it comes to cooking the best sweet and sour dish.
Saute Sliced Beef With Spring Onion

Saute Sliced Beef With Spring Onion, S:78HKD/M:117HKD/L:156HKD
Beef with leek and caramelised onions. Very yummy too, all of us were pretty addicted to this sliced beef.
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Oh yes, don’t forget to wrap your Peking Duck with leek and the sauce. I ate five peking duck wraps after two bowls of rice with the rest of the other above dishes. Yum yum!

Remember to make reservations if you’re here at Spring Deer. Waiting time could reach about up to 1 to 2 hours especially during weekends. Location wise, it’s at Tsim Sha Tsui! You never miss Tsim Sha Tsui if you’re ever on a holiday to Hong Kong. It’s like going to New York City and not paying a visit to the statue of liberty. Spring Deer is one place to go for lunch or dinner gatherings. Make sure you travel in groups of four or more.

Spring Deer
42 Mody Road
2/F, Tsim Sha Tsui
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: +852-2366-4012
Mon to
Sun: 11.30am-3pm

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