Lin Heung Tea House 香港蓮香樓

My first impression when I walked in to Lin Heung Tea House 香港蓮香樓: Insane
First of all, they serve dim sums during the day time and chinese sharing dishes at night. We were here for lunch and had several dim sums. The quality of the dim sums were not as good as expected so we didn’t want to go all out and order so much. However, The experience was new, chaotic, yet worthwhile.
This is how dim sums were sold many years back. First of all, you’re supposed to pick your own seats. Since it will be very crowded, you’re obliged to share seats with random strangers. Women waitresses (aunties) will push trolleys filled with dim sums around the restaurant. You as a customer will have to shout out the dim sum that you like to the waitress or personally go to the trolley and randomly opening up the dim sum lids. Different trolleys will have different dim sums. For me, it was kind of like playing a ‘Guess The Card’ game. Hey I’m not the only one playing the luck game, everyone does too! There is no English menu at all and I don’t understand nor can I speak Cantonese. How disadvantageous!
I’m not listing down the names of food because they are in Cantonese and I have no clue on what to list, so I’m naming the food myself. One thing I find about their buns is that they are all over-steamed. These Red Bean Steamed Buns are no exception.
The Custard Buns are very cooked too. I AM NOT HAPPY!
Quite alright siew mai. Do you know that Siew Mai can also be referred to as shumai, shaomai, shui mai, shu mai, sui mai, shui mei, siu mai, shao mai, or siomai?
Beef Siew Mai
Chicken Dumpling
Bak Zhang with sugar
Steamed Spare Ribs. The meaty parts are quite nice. I’m a little bias though because I don’t like soft bones.
Just look at this crowd… Well, you must think that I’m insane to actually want to eat here. I am open to new cultures and their practices. Lin Heung Tea House 香港蓮香樓 is where the locals would usually eat dim sums. If you’re a foreigner, you don’t know what you’re in for, but let me repeat, its a good cultural practice to experience! Cheers.

Lin Heung Tea House 香港蓮香樓
160 Wellington Street, Central
Hong Kong

Nearest MTR: Sheung Wan
Tel: +852-2544-4556
Mon to
Sun: 6am-11pm
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