First and foremost, I thank Jan for buying me the eight pieces of Ladurée macarons as a White Day gift ♥ Ladurée is known to sell the world’s best macarons alongside Pierre Hermé. Ladurée’s newly opened store Ladurée at Harbour City Hong Kong has really long queue of people even after only three months of operation. Many of those who are queueing purchase more than 30 to 50 macarons at once. Its crazy!
The Ladurée outlet in Hong Kong has a purchase-and-go system, so there isn’t any tables and chairs for anyone to savour the little pieces of heaven within the store. Instead, the interiors of the store are filled with selling items such as teabags, candies, cups and perfumes. The layout of the store is a combination of pastel with a classic touch. The box/packaging also signifies and does the theme justice.
Lemon (Citron) + Pistachio  (Pistache) + Chocolate (Chocolat) + Marie-Antoinette Tea (The Marie-Antoinette) + Coconut (Nata De Coco) + Coffee (Café) + Vanilla (Vanille) + Strawberry Candy Marshmallow (Incroyable Fraise Bonbon)
The following photos are listed in order. It’s as yummy as it can get. Each flavour is very different from each other. I think the price is a little bit on the high side. I applaud the brand for being able to set such a high price, staying true to its target market while still being able to attract such crazy crowds.
My favourite of the above is the Pistachio, Marie Antoinette, Coffee, Coconut and Chocolate. The Pistachio tastes like ground nuts, and it bursts out a flavourful fragrance in your mouth. The Marie Antoinette is a tea flavour, almost like earl grey tea. I’m a huge fan of coffee, so I love them coffee macarons! As for the coconut macaron, it is sweet and a little bit flaky in the texture of the fillings. The chocolate is ah-may-zing, it was sweeeeeet!~
Some of the macarons above are seasonal macarons. Ladurée will always develop new flavours once in a while. The classic 10 flavours that are permanent and are here to stay are as follows:
1) Vanilla (Vanille)
2) Orange Blossom (Fleur D’ Oranger)
3) Coffee (Café)
4) Salted Caramel (Caramel À La Fleur De Sel)
5) Lemon (Citron)
6) Rose Petal (Pétale De Rose)
7) Raspberry (Framboise)
8) Pistachio (Pistache)
9) Chocolate (Chocolat)
10) Liquorice (Réglisse)
You can even choose the types of boxes. The more grand looking they are, the more expensive it is going to be. I got mine (the standard classic box) at 184HKD. That is approximately 30SGD for eight tiny sinful macarons.

Ladurée is indeed one of the best macaron shop serving exceptional and legendary quality of macarons. By the way, macarons are my favourite desserts.

For the Singaporean folks and cool kids out there, Singapore is opening its first Ladurée store on the 15th of April 2013 at Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City. I’m so happy because its just a few minutes walking distance from where I live. Probably during the first few weeks or months they will have massive queues from the opening to the closing hours. French Macarons now come easy. Thank you whoever the franchisee is for bringing Ladurée to Singapore. Kudos!

#03-3224, Gateway Arcade
Harbour City
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: +852-2175-5028
Mon to
Sun: 10am-9pm

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