Catering By Hotel Intercontinental Singapore @ The Grand Ball Room – Prom Night Dishes

BBQ Meat Selected Combination Platter
Prom night was last month but I’m only posting this post one month later. It’s good to share so here it goes…. It was an eight course meal and each placed served was shared among ten. Who doesn’t love prom? We all do! We’re seated at one of the grand ball hall of Hotel Intercontinental Singapore.
The first course aka the appetiser include Roasted Ducks, Jellyfishes, Spring Rolls, Roasted Chickens and Octopuses. It was my first time eating jellyfish. It tasted alright to me but it felt funny because these weird animals weren’t meant to be eaten! Okay that was just my personal subjective opinion. Everyone else loved it but me. *bias* The jellyfish was slightly salty and it reminded me of glass noodles.

Shark’s Fin With Crabmeat And Fried Fish Maw
Sharks are becoming more and more scarce. I felt guilty for eating them but they are just so good. Many times I’ve eaten shark fins that felt rubbery. This one isn’t. The meat is tender and therefore easy to bite off.
Poached Live Prawn
Fresh and juicy prawns! Really! Hm.. I think they could be drunken prawns.
Braised Pacific Clam And Flower Mushroom With Seasonal Vegetable
The clams are wonderful and its a reminiscence of abalones. Well.. Its not as rubbery as abalones but its something similar. The vegetables with the sauce is pretty phenomenal too. And yes, I love mushrooms!
Deep Fried Sea Bass With Thai Spicy Lime Dressing
This is probably my favourite dish of the night. I would’ve preferred it with sweet and sour dressing but the spicy lime dressing is exceptional too. Its crispy skin plus the tender meat matched with the sweet yet subtly spicy sauce is killer. Additionally, its freshness comes when you mix them all with the Thai salad placed above the fish. Its yum in my tum.
Roasted Chicken Served With Cracker
Typical easy done roasted chicken with prawn crackers. Needless to say, everyone can easily imagine the taste of them both.

Aromatic Seafood Fried Rice Wrapped With Lotus Leaf
Nothing really special about the aromatic seafood rice. Since its cooked with lotus leaves, it was full of fragrance. Yes, I’m a sucker for food that smells so darn good. It’s not a great individual dish. However, eating it with something else would be so much nicer.
Traditional Yam Paste With Ginko Nut In Fresh Coconut Milk

Chewy Yam Paste with warmed milk. It’s sweet but not too overly sweet. Eating too much of it will cloy up your taste buds. Having just a tiny bowl of it makes you crave for more. Do you know that the more sweet stuff you eat on a daily basis, the more sweet stuff you will crave for? Oh man, teach me how to drift away from being a sinner please, anyone?
Anyway, I had a great time. Prom was fun! Cheers from my prom prince and I 🙂
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