Butao Ramen

Black King

Black King
Butao Ramen is indeed one of the better ramen shop that I’ve
tried. Why? Because the soup base is rich in flavour and saltier which makes
the taste more authentic. The ramen noodles are far way different than our
regular instant noodles. True Japanese chefs are flown to Butao
Hong Kong to make ramen for a living. Tripadvisor also
recommends Butao Ramen stating that its the best ramen place
in Hong Kong!
order, they’ll give you a sheet to customize your own noodles. First, you’re
required to choose from the normal Pork (White) King Ramen (80HKD), Red King
Ramen (90HKD), Black King Ramen (90HKD) or the Green King Ramen (90HKD).
Secondly, choose the level of intensity of the soup whether thick or more
diluted. Thirdly, decide on the amount of garlic you want to your ramen.
Fourthly, choose for meat or no meat, vegetables or no vegetables. Next, choose
your spice level and thickness level of your ramen. Lastly, you can decide if
you wish to add additional ingredients such as egg or seaweeds. You may also
top up for more ramen, more vegetables or more meat.
final step for you readers would be to choose all the above steps and imagine
on how great the ramen taste would be. Hmmmm….. Yum, yum!

Red King

Red King
Apologies to not taking photos of the noodles, but I wasn’t kidding when I said
it tasted heavenly. If you like spicy, opt for the Red King. Personally, I
prefer the black one.

shop is really tiny. Its not too crowded up to a point where you’ll get
claustrophobic and annoyed. The weather is chill, windy and cool at 15 degrees
during the night of spring. Instead you’ll feel happy to be surrounded with the
warmth of the bowls of ramens.
Butao Ramen
8-13 On Lane Street, Lan Kwai Fong
Wo On Building, Central
Hong Kong
Nearest MTR: Central
Tel: +852-2530-0600
Mon to Sat: 11am-3pm

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