Bubba Gump


Mushroom Veggie Burger
I was pretty sick of munching Asian dim sums everyday during my trip in Hong Kong. So we decided to chill out at an American restaurant, Bubba Gump. I can never get sick of American or Italian food. For American or Italian, I’m always all in! We were here on the day that we went to Victoria Peak. Victoria Peak is at one of the Hong Kong mountain. We went up the mountain from down under taking the tram that rides up 40 degrees upwards in high speed. Pretty cool experience!
Anyway, Bubba Gump is one of my favourite meals I had in Hong Kong. We were seated at the window seats and we get to savour ourselves with top notch food while looking at one of the world’s most amazing skyline. In fact Hong Kong skyline is literally rated as the best skyline in the world. The cluttered buildings, skyscrapers, river and mountains are within this amazing picture.
The Mushroom Veggie Burger (112HKD) is my favourite dish of the night. The mushroom was soft, thick and well cooked. A mixture of vegetables, avocado, remoulade sauce and lots of Jack cheese can never go wrong. What’s burger without French fries? I like them fries to be thin and crispy.
Jambalaya (168HKD) is Bubba Gump’s seafood baked rice with a cooler name. It’s very creamy and the seafoods are fresh too! All kinds of Shrimps are Bubba Gump’s specialties. The Jambalaya consists of blackened chicken, shrimps, andouille sausage, spicy sauce, tomatoes, onions and rice.
Run Across America Sampler
The Run Across America Sampler (168HKD) consists of a Combination of Chilled Shrimp, Fried Shrimp, Spicy Chicken Strips, Hush Pups and Popcorn Shrimp. My favourite is the Popcorn Shrimp placed at the right hand side of the plate, which tasted like calamari. Deep fried food for the win! The chicken strips which are in fact buffalo wings strips are matched with the blue cheese dressing. It was more than goodie good.

Forrest Fruit Punch
I ordered a drink called Forrest Fruit Punch at 69HKD. The cup is pretty huge for one person. Its sweet and sour. The cup lights up and blings non-stop unless you turn it off. It’s so cool to see a drink that blings! However, it got annoying and decided to turn it off after being mind blown for a minute.
Lastly, they also have a retail outlet that acts as a second selling platform. From souvenirs such as hats, t-shirts, socks, cups and more… They have it all! Most of the customers here are caucasians. I love this place!

Bubba Gump
128 Peak Road, The Peak Tower
Shop #3-304/305 Hong Kong

Tel: +852-2849-2867
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