Nathan Congee And Noodle 佐敦粥麵家

Congee With Lean Meat & Preserved Egg
I especially loved the quality of porridge they served at Nathan Congee And Noodle 佐敦粥麵家. A lot of Hong Kong restaurant have a traditional chinese/cantonese menu. Whichever it is, they’re both rocket science to me. The good thing about Nathan Congee And Noodle 佐敦粥麵家 is that they have a hidden English menu. So please request for one if you’re an absolute foreigner. Some of the staff are from Thailand and if you’re Thai, ordering will not be a problem then!
That aside, I thought the texture of porridge was superb. It’s quite creamy like oatmeals. The rice and water blends perfectly which is very nice. I mean, I’ve ever eaten porridge rice in water at a porridge stall before… (29HKD)

Congee With Fresh Sliced Fish
Sliced fish congees always have ginger on it to make the fish stay fresh and not foul-smelling. Oh, by the way.. I hate ginger!! And I really dislike boned sliced fish too because I can’t eat in peace. Boo! (29HKD)

Fried Flour Stick
Quite good but not the best. One thing for sure is that it was definitely more crispy and oily than the usual Singapore style of Fried Flour Stick (Youtiao). (8HKD)
I think Nathan Congee And Noodle 佐敦粥麵家 is a great place to eat for a warm breakfast on a cold day or a good remedy for the sick.
Nathan Congee And Noodle 佐敦粥麵家
11 Sai Kung Street
Jordan, Hong Kong

Nearest MTR: Jordan
Mon to
Sun: 7.30am-11pm

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