Hui Lao Shan 許留山

Mango Platter
Mango Platter
So when it comes to cheap, famous and one of the most talked about desserts place in Hong Kong, you got to give it up to Hui Lao Shan 許留山. By the way, Hui Lao Shan’s 許留山 birthplace isn’t Hong Kong. This dessert shop originates from none other than Guang Zhou, China. Trust me, they serve everything mango! Their mangoes are really fresh too.
The Mango Platter (55HKD) is a mix of everything good that come in small bowls. Its the perfect platter for those who want to try almost everything on the menu, good choice for first timers.
The first bowl on the top consist of mango fruit, thick (sweet and sour) paste and glutinous balls. This is my favourite out of all the mini bowls because its creamy with fruits and flour to chew and munch on. The second bowl on the right is filled with mango fruits, mango ice cream and some sago-like jelly. The ice cream was a breath of refreshment. The third bowl on the bottom has sliced mango fruits with a mango mochi. I absolutely adore the sweetness of the mochi.
Mango Pudding With Milk

Mango Pudding With Milk
At only 22HKD, the Mango Pudding With Milk is the type of dessert that is perfect to end of a meal. There’s also mango jelly pieces within the pudding too!
A reason why you shouldn’t be guilty munching on these tasty dessert: Mangoes are healthy.
Hui Lao Shan 許留山
31 Haiphong Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2730 0703
Mon to
Sun: 11.30am-12.30am

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