The Roti Prata House


Nasi Goreng Chicken Masala
Nasi Goreng Chicken Masala (6.50SGD) is one of The Roti Prata House’s top selling dish from the countless options you can find on the menu. Don’t get too excited yet, their Mutton Masala is even more popular. Opt for Mutton Masala instead of the Chicken Masala if you’re there.

Maggi Mutton Masala
Their maggi noodles are rather soft. I would’ve preferred hard noodles. However, their mutton is really divine. Seriously guys, I would hands down go for their Mutton Masala instead of Chicken Masala. The chicken was good, but their mutton was.. unbeatable. The noodles was rather oily and its the type of dish where you’ll get nauseous from eating too much of it. However, for 6.50SGD, it’s still not a bad deal.
Onion Prata
I love how The Roti Prata House give generous portions of onions. This is why customers always come back. Onion Prata costs only 1.20SGD.

Cheese Egg Prata
The Cheese Egg Prata is only 2.50SGD. Everyone loves egg. Everyone loves cheese. Did I just solve the equation?
Bomb Kaya
What’s the difference between normal prata and prata bomb? Well.. A prata bomb is more explosive in flavour. It’s filled with butter and sweetener. The sweetener could be honey, sugar or condensed milk. My bomb kaya has butter, condensed milk and a generous serving of kaya. Quick Tip: Don’t chit chat with your friend when eating prata bomb because eating it warm is ten times better than when it gets cooler. This Bomb Kaya Prata (4SGD) is the perfect prata for the sweet-toothed.
Milk Paper
Basically eating crispy cracker topped with condensed milk. Jan said it was too sweet, but I liked it personally.
The Roti Prata House is a crowded eating area especially on Sundays. The Holy Spirit church is just right next to the outlet and the place will usually be swarmed with people after mass. The Roti Prata House is definitely one of my recommended to-go places for supper if you live nearby the area.
The Roti Prata House
246M Upper Thomson Road
to Thu: 7am-2am
Fri to Sat: 24hours
Sun: 7am-2am

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