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Filetto Di Manzo E Rucola

Vapiano is a German restaurant which serves Italian food. It’s a rather popular restaurant in the United States as well as Australia. Their specialties are mostly pastas and pizzas. When entering the restaurant, you will be given a card. There will be several food kiosks at one corner of the restaurant. To order, present the card to the chefs. Your payment will be made at the end of the meal when you leave the restaurant. (Concept is similar to Marche Restaurant) This is made convenient for diners as they do not have to cash in and out multiple times. Your food will also be made on the spot so that it is kept freshly cooked/baked.
Filetto Di Manzo E Rucola (20.90AUD) is a rather unique pasta. The usual pasta base that we often see have sauces that are red, milky white or black inked. This one was served with white wine as its sauce base. I prefer creamy pasta and so I’m not a huge fan of Filetto Di Manzo E Rucola. Other than white wine, the ingredients above include fillet of beef, rocket vegetables, mushrooms, spring onions and carrots. 
Pollo Amatriciana
Vapiano allows diners to choose their preferred type of pasta. I chose thin spaghetti. Pollo Amatriciana (20.90AUD) wasn’t too bad. The first few mouth bites were the best. It includes chicken breast with tomato and herb sauce with onion, mushrooms and bacons. 
The normal portion of Arrabbiata will cost 14.90AUD. This one was a kid’s meal. Hence the portion is much lesser and the price will be cheaper. The chefs used Vapiano’s very own tomato and herb sauce. Quick Tip: Arrabbiata is best when matched with fusilli pasta. Yes… Match-y match-y!
Barbecue Pollo Pizza
Having listed all the pastas above, we (the three hungry rats) decided to share one pizza. The Barbecue Pollo Pizza (20.90AUD) has chicken breast, onion, smoked cheese, under a tomato base and topped with barbecue sauce and mozzarella cheese. Yummy! If there’s one critic, it would be that the crust is rather tough and it definitely too crisp when bitten.
All in all, the place has a cosy environment suitable for families and friends to chill by. Vapiano is also one restaurant that is squeaky clean! Really.
Vapiano Soul
8 Cavill Avenue
Surfers Paradise, Soul Retail
Australia, Gold Coast, QLD 4217
Tel: (07)-3221-4933
to Sun: 11am-11pm

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