Canadian Pizza

Beef Bacon Cheeseburger
Canadian Pizza has a ‘2 for 1’ pricing policy. 2 for 1 indicates that you will receive 2 pizza at the cost for 1. They’re primary focus is not on selling pizzas for dining in at its respective physical stores. Instead, they have quite a sum of delivery outlets island wide to cater to those who call in for delivery. To order, they have three category of pricing for the different pizzas. Dependent on which pizza you order, each pizza belong to each of these categories namely, ‘Standard Pizzas’, ‘Super Value Pizzas’, and ‘Gourmet Pizzas’. Prices will also vary depending of the size you order. The price ranges from 21.90SGD to 27.90SGD for regular (10 inches) sized pizzas, 27.90SGD to 35.90SGD for medium (12 inches) sized pizzas and 32.90SGD to 41.90SGD for extra large (14 inches) sized pizzas. Note that these prices equal to two pizzas, not one!
Cheeseburger Pizza is a top rated pizza in terms of consumer demand. It’s like eating a cheese burger, pizza-style. It’s star ingredients are of course, the fabulous beef and bacon. The dressing used was Thousand Island.
Hawaiian Classic
I would’ve prefer if they sprinkle more pineapple bits toppings. The The Turkey Ham and Turkey Bacon was fantastico. 
Atlantis is a seafood pizza where topped with mostly scallops, onions and crabmeats.
BBQ Chicken Bonanza
I especially love their special BBQ sauce. Instead of diced or stripped chicken parts, they use very fine chicken sprinkles as the base topping, followed by tomatoes, onions and several green peppers. 
Do note that Canadian Pizza have changed its menu several times. Nevertheless, they serve pretty good pizzas at affordable prices. If I have one bad comment, that would be that the crust isn’t as good as those pizzas served at other pizza parlours.
Join and follow the rhythm:   Canadian Pizaaaaaa!~~~   TWO FOR ONE~   TENG!~

Canadian Pizza
Tel (Delivery Hotline):
to Sun: 9.30am-10pm

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