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Crab Tart

First and foremost, please do take note that all the PS. Cafe restaurants have different menus. Their classic items are most probably be available at all outlets, but some mains or dessert are only available at certain outlets. To top it off, certain outlets like Palais Renaissance provide different menus at different timings of day (Brunch, Lunch & Dinner). Check out their website to strategically plan on what food to look out for and at what time of day.

My girlfriends and I went over to PS. Cafe to celebrate one of their birthdays. (Ps. Happy 19th Birthday Serene!) They generally serve good food at mid to huge portions. The Crab Tart (32SGD) was mine. It’s basically smashed crab fillings within the tart with salad toppings. I’m not jumping up and about off my chair at this one as the level of deliciousness is fairly above average. Its good, but not excellent. I think the presentation of the food is real pretty and I strongly appreciate chefs who beautify their pieces of food art.

King Prawn Aglio Olio
King Prawn Aglio Olio (29SGD) is one tasteful dish. Generous portions of chunky prawns are served and the condiments used are explicitly distinct with a hint of garlic taste. Make sure to evenly spread the bread crumps topping with the Aglio Olio.
Lulu’s “Leftovers” Lasagne
A hint of spice-ness can be felt from the caramelized meatballs. There are also chunks of ground beef, penne pasta with cheesy mozzarella and tomato sauce. Green garden herb pesto serves as the topping and a final touch to Lulu’s “Leftovers” Lasagne (27SGD). Its definitely a different rendition to all the other typical lasagnes that I’ve tried.
PS. Chicken In The Basket
If you’re craving for something fried, order these lightly breaded chicken tenders. The basket include veggie sticks and some potato wedges with two dips. Both dips are so good you can top up for as much as you want. (28SGD)
Truffle Shoestring Fries
I heard good comments of everyone I know who’ve ever tried the Truffle Shoestring Fries (15SGD). The portions are extremely huge and can be shared among 5-6pax. The photo above did not do justice, but you have to trust my judgement. It’s prolly about six junk food sized packets worth of fries. 
Truffle fries are cooked in truffle oils which will radiate a gasoline smell. If you fancy that idea, order it. There will be sprinkles of parmesan cheese which is undoubtedly insufficient for the whole plate of fries. If possible, do request for the dips sauces from the PS. Chicken In The Basket. You won’t regret the combination of the truffle fries and the dips. It’s definitely something to order and to be shared among with.
Chocolate Crunch Doorstop
Chunks and chunks of chocolate brownie bottom; thick and creamy nuts in the centre; with smooth, rich and buttery chocolate top. Guess what the topping is? Yeap… they’re indeed Maltesers balls. I have been eating Maltesers balls my whole life, and my love for Maltesers just gets stronger each day. The vanilla ice cream is one great companion for this cake. The only flaw for Chocolate Crunch Doorstop (15.90SGD) is that the nutty layer is too thick for my liking. It being thinner would be nice.  
All the PS. Cafe outlets in Singapore each have their own unique design and concept. The outlet at Palais Renassaince has a cosy and romantic environment. It’s no doubt one perfect option to contemplate if you’re finding a place to celebrate special occasions or when dining out with your beloved other half.
(Ps. I’m caught red handed for finishing my friends’ dishes and my own, plus finishing about more than half the huge portion of fries and cake.) – My friends all call me a food garbage collector. I live with guilt.
PS. Cafe
390 Orchard Road
Level 2 Palais Renassaince
Tel: 9834-8232
to Thur: 11.30am-12am
Fri: 11.30am-1am
Sat: 9.30am-1am

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