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Tarte Citron Meringuée
Maison Kayser is owned wholly and founded by Eric Kayser. Eric Kayser opened his first store in France in year 1996 and subsequent stores soon followed up. Maison Kayser is now available in many countries including Singapore, Japan, Moscow, Athens, Dubai and many other prominent places scattered around the world.
You may be able to spot me catching up on projects, studying for exams as or reading a good book here at any random time of day or week as I come here frequently. It’s the quietest and most convenient place for me around.
Tarte Citron Meringuée (4.70SGD) is a lemon tart and it is a popular dessert at the cafe. It has a lemon base paste with a slight tough tart exterior. Sour food lovers will love every single bite of this! The crown of the cream has a hint of sweetness and it was intentionally slightly burnt. That totally reminded me of barbecued marshmallows.
Tarte Ablicot Pistache
Apricot tarts are my new found love. Tarte Ablicot Pistache (5.60SGD) is one of Maison Kayser’s best seller tartes. The apricots are baked but still able to maintain its fruttiness. The overall cake exudes a sweet and sour piquancy.
Éclair Café
There are four different éclair flavours served at Maison Kayser, costing at only 3.70SGD each. Its my very first time seeing such a bizarre, unusual and noteworthy 15 centimetres long eclair. Yup, you know what they say… Unique and zesty looking food always attract our attention. This bittersweet coffee cream top with infused coffee centre is so yummy it only survived for a minute when it arrived on my coffee table.
Éclair Vanille
If you think coffee éclair was good, try the vanilla. It is so subtly sweet you’ll feel tortured knowing you only order one piece.

Éclair Chocolat

Out of the three above, my favourite is the chocolate éclair. The infused cooling chocolate centre is also of generous portion. Furthermore, the chocolate centre felt like thick ice cream, definitely a plus point.
Bacon Roquette (Baguette Monge Bread)
Maison Kayser allows you to pick your sandwich and select the types of bread of your choice. In this case, I chose Bacon Roquette Sandwich (8SGD) accompanied with Baguette Monge Bread. French breads are usually crustier and harder in texture. Their breads are usually easy to get hard or stale if you leave them alone for even a day. If you love bread with harder and crispier exterior texture with cotton soft insides, choose the Baguette Monge bread. It is definitely tougher to chew but many people love that factor of a classic baguette. Baguette Monge is one of Maison Kayser’s classic  bread. The bacon was perfectly made as it was crispy but not overly crispy. Within the sandwich, there’s also a thin spread of grain mustard which I wasn’t really a fan of. It tasted a little bit like wasabi and I am never a fan of wasabi, ever.
Poulet Curry (Torsade Tomate Bread)
Poulet Curry (8SGD) is my favourite sandwich available at Maison Kayser. The chicken curry spread felt like a mix of chicken tuna with curry spices. Just lovely! Similarly, Torsade Tomate is also simply my favourite bread among the bread selection for the sandwiches. Torsade tomate is a healthy bread option as it is made by combining tomato juice, dried tomato and olive oil into the dough. There are also pieces of nuts stapled inside the bread. The bread itself has a big colour of yellowish-mustard and a big flavourful taste. Even if you eat the bread by itself it can still confidently stand alone and make its own statement.
Thon (Ciabatta Bread)

Thon (8SGD) is a French word and it simply means ‘Tuna’ in English. Fresh chunk of tuna spread is laid generously on the ciabatta bread adding cucumbers with emmental cheese. The cheese was hands down wondrous. Emmental cheese is a type of cheese imported from Switzerland and its of no wonder that its authenticity is irreplaceable. Despite the pretty good insides, the ciabatta bread also tasted considerably good. Ciabatta is basically the Italian version of white bread and has been used widely around the world to use the base for sandwiches.
Scrambled Egg Set + Bacon
What’s a French cafe without croissants and a breakfast set? The Scrambled Egg Set (6SGD) comes with the scrambled eggs and one croissant. The bacon (2SGD) is an additional option which I added. Croissants can never go wrong when French chefs are the ones who bake. Scrambled eggs was done right with it not being too dry or overly runny. However, its a little tasteless in my opinion. Many restaurants have disappointed me with the quality of their bacon and most of them are too hard to bite or chew. Not Maison Kayser, I was pleased with the turn out.
Pizza Shaoli
Pizza Shaoli costed me 3.50SGD. It was an uncut, flat and elongated bread. The reason why I bought this bread was firstly because I thought it has pizza fillings. Apparently I was wrong and got cheated by myself as I should’ve asked for details before ordering. Oh well… It turned out to be a plain bread with garlic taste. To me it tasted just quite alright due to the fact that it was served plain. So I brought it home and spread it with my Danish (jam from Denmark) orange jam and it tasted so much better. Very pleasurable to the mouth and stomach indeed.

Pain Basket
The bread basket spread (4.90SGD) houses six different flavoured slices of breads. I cannot exactly remember all the names of the above breads, but some of them include Ciabatta, Baguette Monge, and my favourite Torsade Tomate.
There will also be strawberry jam and cold butter served together with the basket. The best part of this basket is that they allow you to have one free refill. I ate more than twelve slices of bread on the day I choose to order Pain Basket.
Pain Au Chocolat

If you love croissants and chocolate centre, Pain Au Chocolat (2.80SGD) is the way to go. Its best to eat this with a hot cup of coffee or tea. What a way to sooth the soul~
Delice Blanc
Delice Blanc is another of Maison’s best seller. Why? Because its white chocolate! I am absolutely in love with it!
Pain Aux Raisins
Pain Aux Raisins has rolled up custard in it. Pretty sweet. (3.40SGD)
Viennoise Chocolat
Chocolate bits of generous portions within an elongated bread. Yum I sneaked this Viennoise Chocolat (3SGD) into the cinema to eat it while watching my movie!
Croissant Aux Amandes Chocolat
This is simply one of my favourite bread selection out of the bunch. Croissant Aux Amandes Chocolat (4.30SGD) is similar to Bostock in terms of its ingredients. It is just made differently, with chocolate spread inside with sugar icing on top.
Croissant Aux Amandes
Croissant Aux Amandes (4.10SGD) on the other hand has its bread soaked in rum and mixed with almond cream.
Bostock is one of Maison Kayser’s top three best seller for January 2013. It mostly consist of flour and beaten eggs.
Bichon Poire Caramel
Bichon Poire Caramel (3.70SGD) has creamy pear with caramel surrounding the interior of the bread. Not bad.
Overall, Maison Kayser is a nice and cosy place. However, the floors can be dirty at times especially during the weekends due to the crowd messing the place with falling bread crumbs.
Four words: I love Maison Kayser!
Eric Kayser is a genius!
Maison Kayser
6 Scotts Road
#B1-09 Scotts Square
Singapore 228209
Tel: 6636-3672
Mon to Sun: 8am-10pm

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