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Hello everyone! It’s my first guide post, and I’ve decided to be part of the photo since I don’t have any decent coffee photos in any of my albums. Sorry if it’s slightly blur-ish because I photobooth-ed it.
One of my favourite pastimes is
to chill in a cafe, reading a good book magazine; blog; gossiping with the girlfriends;
or just people watch and observe the surroundings. What’s more alluring than
doing that while sipping a cuppa good quality coffee? Starbucks, Tully’s
and Coffee & Tea Leaf are my favourite casual to go choices. Call me cliché, but
they’re coffee recipes are top notch and that’s why they’re so successful.

What’s your favourite?
For me, I love my
coffee as b
lack as
night and sweet as a sin (bittersweet)
If you’re
already a coffee expert, you may skip this post. For the benefit of the
beginners, read on as I think this post will be useful for you. Of course
there are countless types of coffees out there, but here are a list of coffee
types that are more commonly seen in coffee shops or cafes.
Coffee Types

Espresso (Short Black)
Espresso is a classic coffee type that is served in a a
form of ‘Shots’. The number of shots determine the level or dose of caffeine in your coffee cup.
The more shots consumed, the more awake one can get. The Espresso is made by
shooting a high pressure hot water through a finely ground coffee beans using
the Espresso machine.
Americano (Long Black)
Americano is
a style of coffee prepared by adding hot water to Espresso to dilute the strong
taste of American Espresso.
Cafe Au Lait
A type of French coffee that is strong and bold
which is mixed with scalded milk. Usually the amount of coffee to milk is of 1:1
A portion of Espresso and steamed milk. A Latte generally
consist of a 1:2 ratio of Espresso to milk, with a little milk foam on top. Flat White Coffee can also be considered as Latte. The only difference is that Flat White has lesser milk and Latte has more milk content.
Cappuccino is a coffee-based drink prepared with
Espresso, hot milk and steamed milk foam. It’s a little different from Latte as
it is prepared with lesser steamed or textured milk. Usually, a Cappuccino is
served in a porcelain cup for heat retention than glass or paper. The foam on
top of the Cappuccino also acts as an insulator to make the coffee stay hotter
Macchiato, meaning ‘stained’, is also an Espresso based with
a dash of foamed milk. Even if the ingredients are the same as those used for
Cappuccino, a Macchiato has a much stronger and aromatic taste. The milk used
in Macchiato is foamed directly into the Espresso cup and then put under the
coffee outlet.
Cafe Breve
Made with a shot of Espresso, steamed half and half of cream/foam.
Mocha is a variant of a Latte. The only difference is that portions of chocolate is added, typically in the form of a chocolate syrup. Some vending systems may use instant chocolate powder. Mochas usually contain dark or milk chocolate.
The Affogato is an Espresso served with a scoop of Ice Cream or Gelato.
Other Coffee Expressions
Coffee with caffeine removed

Coffee with half of its caffeine removed

Frappuccino is often mixed up as one of the coffee types. The fact is.. Frappuccino is a trademarked line of blended coffee beverages sold by Starbucks. In short, Frappuccino is equivalent to ‘ice-blended’ coffee served only and exclusively at Starbucks.
To choose a skimmed milk/non-fat/low fat milk for coffee with milk content.
A short ‘shot’ of Espresso which also means opting for lesser bitterness

Don’t you feel good knowing the basics? Now don’t stand confused when you’re ordering your cup of coffee. Give me a cuppa coffee toast, cheers! 🙂

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