CoCo Ichibanya

Omelette Hashed Beef
CoCo Ichibanya is a ‘Curry House’ restaurant that started in Japan. They’re in fact one of the largest curry house chain outlets in Japan. They serve their curries priced at an acceptable amount. Omelette Hashed Beef (14SGD) has Japanese rice within the quite runny omelette blanket. The runny texture definitely complements the curry sauce. The hashed beef is also perfectly done and it tasted like Japanese yakiniku.
I also love how you can actually customize your whole plate. There’s also a step by step guide in the menu:
1. Select The Curry
2. Select The Quantity Of Rice (price may vary)
3. Spice Adjustment Level
4. Select Additional Toppings (at an additional price)
The spice level varies from mild at level -0, to crazy hot at level 5. Choosing level 5 indicates that you want your curry to be 24 times more spicy than the basic standard level. Choose wisely!
Pork Cutlet Curry With Cheese
What is it about Japanese Katsu or Pork Cutlet that gets me every single time? I wonder.
You can in fact feel the authenticity of the quality Japanese rice they use. Pork Cutlet Curry With Cheese (14SGD) is amongst one of their recommended option. The cheese is rather baked and you can still see the cheese stickies when you grab a spoon of the curry. As I’ve said before, its fairly difficult for Tonkatsu or Chicken Katsu to be done wrong. Cutlets always taste goodie good!
CoCo Ichibanya
313 Orchard Road
#B3-25/27 313 Somerset
to Fri: 10am-10pm
Sat to Sun:
PH: 10am-11pm

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