Are you a carnivore (like me)? Because this place is created for your carnivorous eating pleasure. Basilico mostly serve up fresh, seasonal and authentic Italian cuisine, both a la carte and buffet. 
Oh… how I heart buffet.
Meat lovers will find this place a paradise. There’s all kinds of meat you can think of. Above are smoked beef, meatballs, pork, chicken, squids, sauteed potatoes and a baked mussel.
There’s a section for all types of hams and bacons.
More and more meats!

There’s also the hot station where they serve all kinds of cooked meats such as Beef Medallion and Grilled Lamb Chop. They also serve three different kinds of pizzas and four types of pastas.
The pizza above isn’t part of the hot station selection. It’s a special edition wood fire pizza made by the chef whom he personally serve them to our table. My other half and I were lucky and honoured to have the very first try of the chef’s new pizza creation. It’s also on the house! Not everyone around gets to try this one. It’s definitely an expensive type of pizza as they told us that they use very expensive cheese ingredients. My other half likes it, but I thought the after taste was too strong for my liking.
Cheese Pizza, Margherita Pizza, some salmon and tomatoes.


Green Salads

Meatball Soup

There’s also the Asian section where they serve Chinese food like Shrimps, Sweet & Sour Pork, Lemon Chicken and some Vegetables.
We stopped right here and that’s round one. Then we continued and repeated on taking the same dishes several times before moving on to desserts.

Even though the selection of dessert wasn’t much, I was contented enough.

My favourite is the tiramisu cake (standing in the background) with slight alcohol. I don’t like alcohol but it in a dessert is an exception.

In a clockwise motion starting from the top left: Orange Sorbet; Vanilla; Strawberry Summer: Pistachio
The layout of Basilico is beautiful, especially its ceiling. Sorry I don’t have photos to show that off. Well I took the photos quite some time ago before knowing I would have a blog, and that also resulted in the super unorganised array of plate fills. But you get the jizz of it.
A Weekday Lunch Buffet costs 42SGD; Saturday Lunch Buffet 46SGD; Sunday Brunch Buffet 69SGD; Daily Semi Buffet Dinner 69SGD. And of course, all prices are subject to tax and GST.

1 Cuscaden Road
Level 2 The Regent
Singapore 249715
to Sat: 6.30am-10.30am (Breakfast)
                     12pm-2.30pm (lunch)
                     6.30pm-10pm (dinner)
Sun: 7am-10.30am (breakfast)
         12pm-3pm (lunch)
         6.30pm-10pm (dinner)

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