Moo Kata

The other day my girlfriends headed down to Moo Kata after watching the final Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part II. I loved it, it had a perfect ending!
Lets get back on track: Where else can you find a uniquely designed steamboat/BBQ pot? It looks almost like an UFO. Usually when we have steamboat with BBQ, we’ll have the soup portion be in the middle while you grill it on the outer portion of the pot. Moo Kata’s concept is the opposite. This is because they have the burning charcoal right below the centre of the grilling pot, that way it will allow better circulation during the combustion process. Yes, everyone prefers to have a charcoal BBQ than using an electric grill!
The other unique thing is that they would not provide oil or butter for you to grill your meats. They provide you with… pork lard (fatty tissue of a pig). The pork lard act as the ‘oil’ where you put and leave it right at the centre tip. That way your meats would not stick to the metal. It’s also one of the reason why their soup taste foolproof beyond compare. That also means.. We’re technically drinking lots of fat. You will love it too, so don’t complain.

Set for 2/3 Pax
We ordered a set at 39SGD which comes with prawns; squid; chicken; pork; pork liver; fish balls; crab meats and hot dogs, placed neatly in one huge plate. Additionally, the set comes with two eggs, glass noodles, golden mushrooms, mixed vegetables, cabbages and the deadly pork lard. I loved how well marinated the meats are with their personal and special marinated sauce. Quick Tip: Have the vegetables and eggs cooked first to get a sweeter soup base.
Sliced Beef
We ordered an extra small sized sliced beef at 6SGD. The beef was so good especially when you dip it with the Thai chili, we ended up ordering two plates of these.
Other condiments include a big bowl of Thai chili per pax. garlic and chili padi. The Thai chili is the most popular condiment in the restaurant. I simply LOVE it! Have your cooked meat dipped in the sweet Thai chili, that’s how you do it. 
Moo Kata

5001 Beach Road
#01-55 Golden Mile Complex
to Sun: 11am-9pm

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