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Gula Pandan
As you may have known, sugar is my middle name. Thus, anything sweet like honey just screams my name. A few friends of mine and I was at Sunshine Plaza the other day with the intention to eat at this Thai restaurant called Gold Food Thai Chinese Cuisine. After we ate, we chanced upon a unique looking ice cream parlour, Merely Ice Cream. Since we have ample time to wander around before getting our errands done, we decided to try out this dessert place.
Merely Ice Cream is a rather new parlor which has already captured quite a big attention of many. It has earned and maintained a generally good reputation for its brand and its ice cream flavours. One scoop of ice cream costs 3.30SGD; double scoops 5.60SGD; and triple scoops at 7.90SGD. These are prices of ice creams put in a cup. If you prefer cone or cone in a bowl, simply add 0.50SGD. I reckon you should, because the cones are superb in taste. They crisp and crumbles perfectly when I ate them. If you want to try out the ice creams with waffle instead, it’ll be an additional 2.50SGD. Pity I did not try the waffle, but the cone did not disappoint so I’m contented enough.
My sentiments always tell me I should go for the outmost super sugary stuff every single time I enter a dessert shop. The Gula Pandan was the first of its kind I’ve ever tasted. That was pandan cake topping I got, and with hidden pandan cake within the ice cream. I love how pandan cakes are soft and moist, just like eating fluffy ‘clouds’. Its the Singaporean culture to eat bread with ice cream. You can always find a ice cream pushcart vendor along random street sides of Singapore. Ice cream and bread… Gula Pandan ice cream has a similar concept.

Oreo Milk
The oreo taste wasn’t as strong as it was milky oreo. It was pretty good, but not sweet enough for my liking. 
Salted Butterscotch

For all sugar/caramel/honey/butterscotch lovers out there, Salted Butterscotch is definitely for you. Just to share some teeny tiny technical reality scoop: Caramel is so good because they are heated sugars. Butterscotch on the other hand, is to die for because they are a mixture of butter and sugar. Therefore, I have to imply that Salted Butterscotch Ice Cream can be defined as more than perfection.
Dark Chocolate
The only problem with the photo above is that there was no cone! Please get one you won’t regret it! If you love the dark chocolates like me, I think you’d like this one. It’s a quite a tad bit more bitter as compared to many other dark chocolates I’ve tasted. This one will keep you awake throughout your day.
There’s also other flavours such as Rum & Raisins, Breakfast Cereal, Zesty Lemon, Banana Walnut, Horlicks, Peanut Butter and Madagascar Vanilla. Have a lookout because they’re always constantly coming up with new flavours and serving different flavours everyday.
I took this shot from within the shop. If you realise, Merely Ice Cream merely used up different post-it note colours to do out an ice cream shape layout for their window display. Pretty simplistic, yet eye catching.
Their table seats designs are plain wooden style with transparent glass block on top. Merely Ice Cream also allows customers to draw on napkins they serve and decorate them as you like then leaving it by the glass bottom. My friend, Renee drew out the over exaggerative fashion sketch face on the left of the picture, while my other friends and I are busy thinking of easy-to-draw out animals. That you can see in the bottom left of the picture. That’s right, we were running some school errands and have plenty of time to spare…

A close-up look. Some are pretty cute, some just look extremely retarded. Which is your favourite?
Merely Ice Cream
91 Bencoolen Street
#01-13 Sunshine Plaza
Singapore 189652
to Sat: 12pm-11pm

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