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Kuishin Bo is one of my all time favourite casual Japanese dining buffet restaurants. I have lost count on how many times I’ve been here just for their buffet spread. I always ask myself on why I always come back, and realised that they have the freshest food selection. All the raw and seafood options whether its sashimi, scallops or snow crabs, they’re all impeccable and matchless because from my experience, these selection are100% of the time VERY FRESH! This I’m referring to is for the outlet at Great World City. Out of several other outlets they have, I think the one at Great World City has the best food selection, ambience and service.
This time round, I went with Jan to dine in here for dinner for one of our monthsaries. We camped in here for three hours and ate non-stop. I’m so lucky to have Jan because his appetite matches mine. Usually dining with friends means I have lesser time to eat because they will finish their meal quickly and I won’t even have time to feel ‘full’ yet. (Friends reading this, I still love you all)
Similar to many buffet places, dining in during lunch hours will be cheaper as compared to having dinner. Dining in during the weekends will escalate the prices even more. The reason why so, its because the food selection served at dinner time tend to be more expensive. For instance, cheesy lobsters and the grill section are only served during dinner time. I paid 49.90SGD++ per pax, because I went during the night on a weekend. If you wish to save up, there is also a lunch express set special priced at 22.90SGD++ available at Great World City’s Kuishin Bo outlet. This lunch express deal concept allow diners to dine in only for an hour. Diners will then have to check out after one hour. I appreciate this promotion, I thought its pretty worth it.
This is the healthy food selection. Usually I take none from this table. I realised the ones taking food from this table are the health conscious young or older female adults. Vegetarians or vege lovers included.
Every table will be presented with a few clips with your table number on it. Take those pins and put on the little bowls shown above to order. The chefs will then cook them on the spot. So diners will just have to patiently wait before the waiter/waitress serves them to your table. Order the beef, its too tender, I cant even…
If you love fried food and teppanyaki like me, you call this table… paradise. Whether its tempura, unagi, soft shell crab, takoyaki, kaarage, fried sweet potato, etc. They have it all..
Some sushis and sushi rolls..
Some vegetables for your shabu-shabu
More and more sushis!

Raw food selection
And of course, fruits!
The next batch of photos are those I took from the buffet spread for consumption. I didn’t took all that we ate because some plates that we retook can be repetitive.
I’m always a fan of their salads (without greens), they’re sushis were great too. I don’t know how they maintain everything to have great taste and be of the perfect temperature.

Many different kinds of sashimis like salmon, tuna, swordfish etc. And all of them are oh so fresh.

Fried food

More fried food
More, more and more fried food

The crowning dish: Cheesy lobsters!!! Too yummy in the tummy.
The cheesy lobsters will only be available at night and this promotion is specially catered to those who make reservations before 3pm. Each person will only be entitled to one serving.

So this was the beef I was raving about to you about. Yeah unbeatable.

Shabu shabu was really good. Whenever I get a little sick of eating fried food, I opt to have several spoons from the shabu shabu pot. That is why I never/can’t stop eating. Quick tip: Dip in more cabbages and corn on the cob to have a sweeter soup base.

I am a huge fan of the golden mushrooms. They’re really healthy too! It helps reduce allergies and help your immune system going strong.
And yes.. the best part of shabu shabu… Love the pork and beef strips.. They’re perfect because…
I dip them in my favourite sauces. This one up above is peanut sauce, my favourite!
A little salty and sour with a hint of lemon, pretty good too.

Jan said that they have the freshest soba

Really yummy chawanmushi

There’s a reason why Kuishin Bo is my favourite Japanese casual dining restaurant. It may seem a little weird for me to give no bad comments. That’s because I really cannot find a flaw for any of their main dishes.
I took this array from the grill section. Kuishin Bo at Great World City has an outdoor barbecue place where diners can take their favourite grills from outside. The outdoor grill is still part of the Kuishin Bo premise. You can even dine outside if you prefer to.
This is a cocktail that we ordered. I couldn’t taste any alcohol in it, which was really in my favour because I’m not the slightest bit interested in alcohol. Instead, its sweet, cold and juicy with jelly bits that can be sucked and eaten easily even from that narrow straw.

Just a type of soup that tastes similar to the soup in my shabu shabu pot
Finally it’s dessert time! I always leave lots of stomach space for dessert. I especially love this strawberry cake its so fluffy I’m not kidding.
Sponge crust with layered sweet mango coating and the insides are full cream. So sinfully fat but I just have to give in to temptation…

I thought this one was a little plain, but I bet it would taste really nice if you have tea while having this sponge cake with layered cream top
Banana tart with thick base, just the way I like it.

Not a fan of the green mochi because that’s green tea and it’s too bitter for my liking. The red has red bean fillings and the yellow is mango flavoured. Love them because they’re sweet.

The highlight here is the chocolate eclair. One of the best desserts here let me warn you!
So I decided to be creative and align the chocolates in boxes with the sushi tray. Oh my god, where to start… Everything was good except for the one at twelve o’clock which tasted like minty colgate and also the one at seven o’clock which tasted like alcohol (I’m sorry, I’m just really biased against alcohol and its taste)
The highlight here is the middle heart shaped chocolate which has chocolate insides. One o’clock has pandan fillings and it was such a surprise. Three o’clock almost taste like a carrot cake chocolate which I totally love. Five o’clock has super heavy dark chocolate fillings, too impeccable.
I ended my meal with yummy ice cream. The white was really refreshing, the chocolate however was a waste of stomach space. I totally forgot to touch on fruits. I’m such an unhealthy person.. I know.
Kuishin Bo
1 Kim Seng Promenade
#02-41A/42 Great World City
Singapore 237994
Tel: 6836-5877
Mon to Sun: 11.30am-3pm

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