Ichiban Boshi

Sukiyaki Wazen
Ichiban Boshi is a classic and authentic Japanese restaurant managed by the RE&S group. RE&S is a leading group of many authentic Japanese and family restaurants. Restaurants such as Czzar, Ichiban Sushi, Kuishin Bo (My ultimate favourite Japanese buffet restaurant) and Japanese Kuriya Fish Market are also part of the RE&S group. I have always been a fan of the RE&S group, their food quality are always top notch. If you do your research, all these restaurants mentioned generally have an above average reviews.
Sukiyaki Wazen (20.90SGD) includes your personal nabe hotpot with vegetables and thin sliced beef meat. After simmering the vegetables in the broth, lightly dip your sliced meat to cook. Once cooked, eat it the Japanese style by dipping the meat in the raw egg. The egg will be cooked slightly due to the heated meat. A plate of sashimi is also part of the combo, this meal is wanderlust.

Sizzling Wafu Houba Yaki
Sizzling Wafu Houba Yaki set (20.90SGD) has premium beef served in buttery miso sauce laid on a giant houba leaf with three different peppers on top. The buttery miso sauce tasted so paradisiacal, it’s no wonder that its chef recommended.
Tempura Udon
The udon is simple but quite solid. The soup is subtle. The perfect kind of soup on a cold day or if you’re looking for something a little healthier.
Tenzaru Chasoba
Cold Japanese green tea noodles are placed in icy cold bowl (13.90SGD). The set comes with a plate of shrimp tempura, lady’s finger tempura and sweet potato tempura.
Tokusen Kushiyaki Gozen
I took separate shots for the Tokusen Kushiyaki Gozen set (25.90SGD) because they dishes was served at different timings and I couldn’t wait to eat. Usually the kushiyaki has a longer preparation period. I have to wait for 10-15minutes before the kushiyaki is served. This set comprises of Ichiban Don (top left), Tempura (top right), four selected Kushiyaki (bottom left), Chawanmushi (bottom right) with miso soup, watermelon slices and cold tofu. All the dishes listed can actually be ordered separately.
Ichiban Don is a rice bowl with sashimi strips coated in sesame oil with accompanied by chili padi topping. The strips are rather thin sliced and I would’ve preferred if you order the sashimi ala carte instead. The kushiyaki from left to right: Ika Tomato (squid with cherry tomato); Salmon; Hotate (scallop); and Gyu Hire (beef fillet with assorted vegetables). If ordered separately, their prices are 2.80SGD; 2.80SGD; 4.30SGD and 5SGD respectively. My favourite here was the Hotate and Gyu Hire.
L To R: Salmon Shiitake + Tontoro + Bacon Uzura Tamago + Black Pepper Yakitori
If you’re a huge teppanyaki grill fan like me, oder more.. Salmon Shiitake (2.80SGD) is half salmon and half grilled shiitake. I thought the salmon was great, except that the shiitake was a little hard and rough on the surface.
Tontoro (3.20SGD) is fatty pork belly with leek. I felt guilty eating the fatty parts but trust me, it was really good.
Bacon Uzura Tamago (3.20SGD) are quail eggs wrapped in bacon. In this case, they marinate it with honey sauce. Its really rewarding to see and taste the different types of sauces for each different teppanyaki sticks.
Black Pepper Yakitori (2.30SGD) chicken leg with black pepper sauce. I think it’s just me but I would have preferred if they serve it with teriyaki sauce.

L To R: Pork Belly + Tsukune
The Pork Belly with grilled asparagus costs 2.90SGD. Tsukune are grilled chicken balls priced at 2.30 SGD. Both were meatylicious!
Chicken Katsu With Cheese
My initial thoughts when I saw the title ‘Chicken Katsu With Cheese (10.90SGD)’ on the menu was that it’s interior would be cheese filled. Turns out they lay flat the cheese on top. Two different sauces were given for this chicken cutlet to suit your preference. The chicken was succulent and definitely yummy. What’s missing is… the cheese fillings! They also ensured to give the right salad dressings to keep the salad tasty. Ichiban Boshi definitely knows how to provide the whole package for their customers.
Ika Cheese Yaki
Ika Cheese Yaki (6.90SGD) are cuttlefish. I think made the dish with takoyaki machine with spicy sauce and melted cheese. 
Gyoza Teppan
I have always loved Gyoza. This Gyoza Teppan (5.90SGD) is no exception. Gyoza is similar to Chinese style dumpling, it just has thicker skin. This one’s a little sweet, a little salty and a little teeny tiny bit spicy. I can totally live with only eating Japanese food everyday… well of course with addition to any desserts.. “om nom nom” 
Salmon Sashimi
Salmon Sashimi (9.90SGD) is probably one of the healthiest food in the world. It has a very low calorie and fat content which are good for dieters. They’re sashimi are really fresh and as fresh as those from my favourite Japanese buffet restaurant, Kuishin Bo

Tempura Ice Cream
Tempura Ice Cream (5.50SGD) is a chef recommended dessert at Ichiban Boshi. It is basically a fried ice cream with crusty exterior, cold creamy fillings within it and topped with strawberry jam. I  tend to give higher marks for desserts. I’m rather bias but I just can’t help loving these desserts!
Ice Shiratama Zenzai
The 6.50SGD Green Tea matcha ice cream was so creamy and it felt so healthy I absolutely love it. Matcha is a type of Japanese green tea which provide numerous health benefits. According to a friend of mine, drinking matcha tea is equivalent to ingesting the nutrients of ten cups of regular steeped green tea. Quick tip: If you are looking for Matcha green tea in supermarkets, they come in powder forms and not teabags (They are not real if they come in teabags form). The white balls are glutinous rice flour (Tang Yuan). Red beans are also added to sweeten the whole dessert. I really love how the Japanese are able to maintain the taste and quality intact while still keeping their food healthy. In short, I love Japanese food! Even the word ‘love’ would be an understatement.
Ichiban Boshi
238 Thomson Road
#02-13/14 Novena Square
to Sun: 11.30am-10pm

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