Au Chocolat

NYC x 4

Au Chocolat is a Singapore restaurant which has a French concept with a bistro (restaurant), pâtisserie (bakery) and confiserie (candy store) area. Customers can not only dine, but also shop at the retail area. Within the confiserie, you will be able to purchase products such as candies (duh) small gifts, clothes and chocolate pralines. There’s also a tiny cart area where they sell gelato. Au Chocolat is definitely one of my top best restaurants list. It has a very vintage outlook and radiates a rather high class ambience. Most importantly, they serve really… really impeccable dishes. I love how food art is a part of their service presentation.
All the above petite cakes are cheesecakes. The reason why these four angels are called NYC x 4 (17SGD), is because NYC (New York City) is famous for their cheesecakes. NYC x 4 cakes are four different cheesecake flavours from L to R: Original; Au Chocolat; Carrot Cake; and Caramel Swirl. The original was ordinary tasting; Au Chocolat was very dark which I love; Carrot Cake can never go wrong; and Caramel Swirl was my favourite it has such a sweet gesture.
Noisette Caramel Macaron
I would have given Noisette Caramel Macaron (7SGD) I would rate this macaron 11/10. This macaron was indeed one of the best I’ve tried. As exhibited on the displays, I recall seven other macaron flavours which I have yet to try. What’s interesting was that this was the biggest macaron I’ve seen so far, it was the size of a cheeseburger. My estimation is that one of Au Chocolat macaron is equivalent to about 4-5 usual sized macarons. For Noisette Caramel, its a mixture of white chocolate, dark caramel with hazelnuts icings. The runny dark caramel fluid is positioned in the direct centre of the macaron.
Stuffed French Toast
I didn’t regret ordering Stuffed French Toast (18SGD). The bread was fluffy because its brioche bread. Brioche are fluffier bread because of the addition of extra milk, eggs and butter. The crusty exterior are cornflakes, almost like the famous cereal prawns. Plump berries are stuffed within the two brioche as well as the top layer. The white rolls you see on top are mascarpone cheese which was a huge complementary ingredient that brings the whole dish to perfection. The melted chocolate fluid that surrounds the french toast is dark based chocolate. I heart it.
Hearty Au Chocolat Pancakes
The pancakes were great. Many of us tend to eat the pancakes separately, layer by layer. I love to eat it stacked. Quick tip: Eat it straight when served, don’t get busy snapping on food photos and your pancake will be cold in an instant. The bacon was.. oh my god so crispy. It’s totally understandable to not share your bacon with others. Too good, no stealing. (20SGD)
The Great Carnivore

The Great Carnivore (20SGD) omelette consist of ham, cheddar cheese and mushrooms that was sauteed with creamy eggs. Brioche bread, bacon and hash browns are on the sides. The omelette was spectacularly unblemished, too perfect.
Sausage & Mushroom
Within the pie (18SGD), are sausages, mushrooms, natural herbs mixed with egg custards. The whole pie reminds me of the famous Chinese crispy egg tarts. The side dressing was unusual because…. its chocolate! It was surprisingly not too overwhelming against the salad. It gives a weird yet pretty good complementary taste. You have to try it to know what I’m trying to explain.
Le Bistro

Le Confiserie

Le Pâtisserie #1, cakes and tarts ♥ ♥ ♥

Le Pâtisserie #2, cupcakes!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Le Pâtisserie #3 ♥ ♥ ♥ More cakes!

Le Pâtisserie #4, macarons ♥ ♥ ♥ Oh macarons.. Je t’aime

This pralines are sold at the confiserie

This was taken at the bistro from where I was sitting. I really love the paintings by the walls (cannot be seen in the picture), the vintage chandelier, royal ceiling wallpaper and the mini train that would make its way round and round along the railway track (focus on the almost-oval-shaped track on the ceiling).

I went here on a Saturday, of course it was crowded.

And now I have tempt you… you know what to do.

Au Chocolat
2 Bayfront Avenue
#01-03 The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018956
to Sun: 11am-12am

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