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Tagliata Firenze
Amici Restaurant hires only experienced chefs to dish up the very authentic Italian cuisines. Additionally, they also provide catering services for various events. This restaurant have won many awards such as ‘Singapore’s best restaurant’ and ‘Service Star Award’. All in all, I really love the snuggy and slightly romantic environment the restaurant exudes. 
The sliced beef above (34.90SGD) in coated with olive oil balsamico with slit cut parmesan cheese on top. Finally it is surrounded with baby tomatoes and aragulas. The tenderised beef meat with mixtures of different spices taste absolutely wonderful.
Fettucine Alla Russa
Fettucine Alla Russa’s (20.90SGD) main ingredient is cut up smoked salmon and caviar topping served in vodka cream. The fettucini is cooked just right as it wasn’t as soft as how many other restaurant chefs would do it. Even so, I wasn’t really mind blown away by the taste of creamy vodka cream and I thought there wasn’t enough cream sauce to go along with the pasta.
Fettucini Al Porcini Gamberi E Pettine In Salsa Al Vino Rosso
And again, the portion for the tomato and red wine brown sauce was just too little. The prawns and scallop was very extremely juicy and chunky. My perception on this bowl of pasta is above average. For a price of 22.90SGD, I feel that it is a rather acceptable amount considering the buoyant, cozy and romantic ambience that they at least provide.
Pizza Quarttro Stagioni
I especially love this pizza (26.90SGD). Its a combination of sauteed mushrooms; parma ham with vegetables; pepperoni; with seafood, corn and tomatoes. Amici only makes thin crisp stone oven pizza and they’ve succeeded in making it taste SO GOOD. In my perception, Amici definitely has better pizzas then pastas. The last time I came here… I salivated and ate a whole eight slices of pizza in less than 15-20minutes.

Pizza Al Frutti Di Mare
Pizza Al Frutti Di Mare (25.90SGD) has thick and chunks of toppings that appeals so much to people like me. The above main ingredients include mussels; prawns; squids; corns and tomatoes. This dish gave me chills… Molto delizioso!
Pizza Al Salsiccia
Chicken viennese, Italian sausages and pork chipolatas all three combined will evolve to the one and only pizza al salsiccia (20.90SGD). This eight quarters of chunky meats are flavoursome. I love it.
Award Winning Tiramisu
Finally! One of the best tiramisu I’ve tasted in town, priced at 10.90SGD. It is flavoured with liquor, expresso and cocoa. The dish was served cold. FYI, the word ‘tiramisu’ means ‘pick me up’ in Italian. Metaphorically speaking, I think they meant ‘pick me up and I’ll make you happy’. Truth be told, I’m like an innocent kid who will be contented really easily when you hand me any kinds of desserts. Desserts makes me smile.
Amici Authentic Italian Restaurant
75 Holland Avenue
Holland Village
Singapore 278993
Tel: 6469-9989
Mon to Thur: 11.30am-3pm
Mon to Thur: 6pm-11pm
Fri to Sat: 11.30am-11.30pm
Sun: 11.30am-11pm

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