Rosti With Smoked Salmon Topping
Rosti is a national dish of Switzerland, and we should know that everybody loves rosti, no doubt about it. Most diners who come to Marche are often attracted to this dish and you can bet that more than half the time, an occupied table would have them. Usually Rosti is cooked till the top and bottom sides are slightly brown leaving the interior centre of it slightly raw. This time, we asked for a topping of smoked salmon, yum!
Deep Fried Calamari, 12.50SGD
This is by far the best Deep Fried Calamari I ever had. The batter was crispy, and its meat chewy. It was simply perfection.

1 HarbourFront Walk, Sky Park
#03-14 Vivo City
Singapore 098585
Tel: 6376-8226
Mon to Fri: 11am-11pm
Sat to Sun: 10am-11pm
Rosti With Fried Egg Topping
Its difficult to overcook or undercook a rosti, when its right, you’ll know. This one, was perfect.
Vegetables (Medium), 9.90SGD
My favourite part of this dish was the sauteed potato, eggplants and mushrooms. Do not pour too much of the mushroom sauce, it can be a little too salty. Opt for a smaller sized bowl at 5.90SGD or a large plate at 11.90SGD.

Salmon Steak, 16.20SGD
This dish took my breath away. I was very impressed with the tender meat and crusty salmon skin. It had just enough seasoning and let me tell you, the meat was incredibly tender. You have to definitely indulge on it the minute it gets to the table. There is a huge difference in eating salmon steak sizzling hot, and at room temperature.
Half Crispy Pork Knuckle, 21.90SGD + Homemade Mashed Potato, 2.50SGD
Its tough to find a quality German Pork Knuckle in Singapore, and Marche definitely did not disappoint. The Half Crispy Pork Knuckle was a wonderful combination of meat, crisp skin and fat. If you rather a full sized Crispy Pork Knuckle, the price is doubled at 42.90SGD. Buying a bigger knuckle doesn’t entitle you a better price.
Mushroom Cream Sauce
I love cream and thick sauces. Mushroom lovers will love this so much I betcha.
Ham And Cheese Penne Gratin, 11.50SGD
This absurd Ham And Cheese Penne Gratin iwa a total waste of cash. The juices of the penne, ham and cheese were all sucked dry. I can assure you even the word dry was an understatement.
Strawberry Cake, 5.90SGD

I took a long time to decide what pastry I should get from the dessert section. We were definitely spoilt with the array of choices Marche provides. In the end, my friend and I settled with the strawberry cake. The strawberry is sweet and good. However, the cake itself was a little bland for my liking. I would have preferred it to be a little sweeter, just a little.
Marche Sweet Crepe Banana Chocolate
The crepe was a little soggy and not crispy enough. But as always, nothing can go wrong with chocolate and bananas.
Sirloin Steak, 17.50SGD + Baked Potato, 3.20SGD
The Beef was a little too hard even though we asked for medium rare, and that itself was a disappointment. We also felt that they needed to slice the fat portion off.
Apple Pie, 5.40SGD
This pie consisted of a thin base with crazy amounts of sliced apple stacks. Each sliced apple was coated in cinnamon and sugar. We were pleased with the cake, but wished there would be more of that tart. More crumbs were needed to make this Apple Pie more lovable.
Margarita Pizza, 17.50SGD
The crust of the margarita Pizza here was disappointing as there were too much burnt parts giving off a little bit of the bittery taste. All in all the centre toppings of tomatoes and cheese were cooked quite well, but they seriously need to adjust the temperature of the wood fire to achieve that desired crust while still maintaining the perfect centre.
Level 1, Orchard Road
Discovery Walk, 313 Somerset
Singapore 238895
Tel: 6834-4041
Mon to Thur: 11am-11pm
Fri: 11am-12am
Sat: 10am-12am
Sun: 10am-11pm
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