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    Bali Travel Diary // + THE PROPOSAL BTS

    Spent our 10th year anniversary for a short getaway in Bali. I intended to vlog little snippets of our trip to commemorate this day, and also since I just acquired…

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    Fine Dining @ Akira Back Indonesia

    EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest at Akira Back Indonesia Akira Back is located in the heart of central Jakarta at MD Place. The restaurant merges flavours of Japanese…

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    11 Legendary Local Dishes To Try In Batam

    During my recent trip to Batam, I was searching for great local food places to visit but to my surprise, there wasn’t much reviews about food places where the locals…

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    First Sushi Tei Outlet In Batam

    EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest at Sushi Tei Batam The first Sushi Tei outlet in Batam introduces its appearance as the most extravagant restaurant in Batam. Perfect for Singaporean weekenders…

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    Top 25 Things To Do In Melbourne

    After staying for two short years in Melbourne, I tried to be thorough in exploring the ins and outs of what this city has to offer. I am excited to…

Arrived at this gorgeous location to have my Birthday dinner with a couple of friends. Bunga Rampai is one of the most reputable, high-class Indonesian restaurant in the city. The interior reflects a traditional home restaurant stylized lavishly, a Dutch colonial inspired setting we’d say. Bitter Ballen is amazing because is another rendition of the fried potato craze. I love all types of potato croquettes, or locally I would often have perkedel from time to time. These Bitter Ballen were downright fantastic. It was perfectly crisp, a little melty within which we

EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest at Ristorante Da Valentino Ristorante Da Valentino is one of the best Italian restaurants in Indonesia. I couldn’t resist having another Italian affair especially on a special occasion like my birthday because Italian food is my favourite cuisine. The place makes for a stunning backdrop for you looking to get that perfect Instagram photo. The restaurant has tons of paintings that convey parts of the Italian Renaissance. On the other hand, the food did not disappoint, quality is controlled by accountable foreign hands. Fortunately, Valentino invited

Eve Lovelle was invited to dine as guest at Li Feng – Mandarin Oriental Hotel Mandarin Oriental proudly presents Li Feng, the most ravishingly lavish Cantonese restaurant in Jakarta. Li Feng’s existence has only been merely over a month and it is situated across the well known French resturant, Lyon. The space is culturally embedded inspired by the voyage history and spices trade between China and the old Jakarta, Batavia. The idea was incorporated into the interior of the place featuring hand made crystal glass arts on walls and ceilings, and detailed mapped

Sainé Daise is located right on top of a Japanese/French Cheesecake Bakery called EIŌ Patisserie. We were enchanted with the play of interior, so modern, artsy, elegant, dainty, sophisticated and fun! Basically all my favourite adjectives to describe a place in a sentence. We especially love the use of marbles on the back wall of the bar, bar area, tables and stools. The restaurant is a Japanese fusion restaurant and it is located at Pantai Indah Kapuk. Add uni (75 000RP) or foie gras (95 000RP) if you’d like. The

From where I am where its perpetually warm, wearing an airy sleeveless dress shirt can be an alternative option to a classic shirt. This dress shirt from Shein is pretty special as it is my very first dress shirt that is as long as a maxi. There are in fact two ways of wearing this dress shirt, originally as shown here where ruffles capped part of the shoulders. I chose to wear it this way as somehow it matches my body type better and it is a less feminine option. I styled

Japanese/ French cheese cakes and tarts seemed to be all about the rave recently ain’t I right? EiŌ is a new one that just popped up. The last ones I’ve tried were from Dore in Plaza Indonesia which I got for my dad’s Birthday, and Ezo Cheesecake which I believe is a direct competitor to this one given that they’re located not far away from each other. The place is beautiful and its focus is on marbles. The second floor of this place is a restaurant called Saine Daise, and

EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest at Cacique Resto & Lounge Curious as I was to know and according to the dictionary, Cacique is indicated as a Native American chief or boss in a Spanish-speaking region. The place exudes a vibe where by night, chiefs would grab a bottle of beer or sangria with an old dusty cigarette in hand. Well, if you would take that title off them, the modern locals would fit right in. Cacique is set up by three owners and they chose the Pluit region to set the restaurant because

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